Watch Sexy Webcam of Senate Predatory Lending Hearings

The Senate Banking Committee held a hearing Wednesday on predatory lending practices titled: “Preserving the American Dream: Predatory Lending Practices and Home Foreclosures.”

Predatory lending is the practice of tricking consumers into agreeing to unfair and abusive loan terms in the hopes that the borrower will default. At this time their property is then seized and sold for a profit. Payday loans and other loans with unreasonably high interest rates can also be considered predatory lending. Watch the fascinating and sexy senators on their cam and see how legislation is born.—MEGHANN MARCO

Sexy Senate Webcam [US Senate]


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  1. epsilon26 says:

    Banks are looking for high yield loans that won’t get paid off early. In fact, they actually lose money and go out of business when people stop paying back their loans.

    In this case, instead of blaming “the man,” consumers who speculated on rising home prices need to take responsibility themselves. When the housing bubble popped, everyone lost, including the banks that speculated on risky loans.

    WSJ Article