Oral-B Sonic Complete Toothbrush Kit Wins Consumer Reports "Oyster Awards"

Consumer Reports gave the Oral-B Sonic Complete Toothbrush Kit the “Oyster Award” for most difficult to open packaging.

A tight fit between the plastic skin and cardboard thwarted scissors.

Our tester grabbed a box cutter but hacked up the box as an unavoidable result.

After removing the clamshell and opening the box, she had to dislodge parts from a foam case, yank off one plastic bag covering the power cord and another protecting additional components, then pop perforations on smaller clamshells shielding the toothbrush heads.

Her work table was littered with sharp plastic shards.

Do clamshells really reduce theft? Are they cheaper to manufacture? What’s up with the clamshells??? — BEN POPKEN

And the Oyster goes to… [Consumer Reports]