Fresh Direct Fails

Over at the Brooklyn Record they’ve posted a photo of their latest order from Fresh Direct, a grocery delivery company that serves New York City. For the rest of you, it’s sort of like Peapod, only they deliver everything in huge boxes, which is annoying.

Anyhow, the Record’s order was seriously messed up. Not only was there yogurt everywhere and their zucchini really yellow squash, but their Seitan was rancid and stinky as well. Fresh Direct said they’d credit their order the price of the yogurt and zucchini, but the post has spawned a lot of comments about Fresh Direct’s track record. Do any of you use this service? They once delivered us a huge case of Tide that we did not order. Seriously, like 4 boxes of Tide. We have so much Tide.—MEGHANN MARCO

Can we keep the faith in Fresh Direct? [Brooklyn Record]

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