College Students: Did You File Your FAFSA Yet?

God knows how many college students read this thing, but if you’re out there, file your FAFSA. Do it now. Why do it early? The money is doled out on a first come first served basis. You snooze you get another job at Hardee’s.

Some FAFSA Tips:

1) Filing electronically is faster. “The process may be as much as 14 days faster if you use your PIN to electronically sign your application as soon as you complete it. Submitting your FAFSA using FAFSA on the Web eliminates delays that can occur from mailing. Also, FAFSA on the Web checks your application to be sure the information you transmit to the U.S. Department of Education is ready to be processed.”

2) Your parent’s tax deductions can affect the amount of aid you receive, so make sure they’re on top of that stuff.

3) Don’t pay anyone to fill out your FAFSA. Ask your college financial aid office to help you. Ours helped us!

FAFSA FAQ [Department of Education]

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