Walmart Calls Nazi Shirts Still On Shelves A "Training Issue"

An article in the New Mexico News-Sun had a startling quote from a Walmart spokesperson about why Nazi shirts could still be found on Walmart’s shelves.

Based on photographic evidence sent in by Consumerist readers over the past twelve weeks, here are some of the Walmarts experiencing training issues:

Phoenix, AZ
Santa Maria, CA
Lancaster, CA
Jacksonville, FL
Rome, GA
Americus, GA
Marietta, GA
Valdosta, GA
Columbus, IA
Elgin, IL
Naperville, IL
Durham, NC
Salem, NH
Hamilton, NJ
Piscataway, NJ
Ledgewood, NJ
Rochester, NY
Farlawn, OH
Cleveland Heights, OH
Shaumburg, PA
Cordova, TN
Lubbock, TX
Houston, TX
Neenah, WI


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