Morning Deals

Amazon: Dress shirt sale enters phase 2 (the cheaper phase). Get Kenneth Cole shirts for $9.87 and other great deals!

Amazon: Get shoes, slippers, and, uh, “enhancer panties” for only $1.99.

Target: (in store only) Apple iPod Hi-Fi for $87.00, marked down 75%. Based on what people say in this thread, the price change doesn’t show on the unit sticker price, but when it scans, it scans at $87. Target is transitioning the item to online-only, that’s why the extreme clearance price. You can key in DPCI: 241-07-8296 to Target price-checker devices and it will tell you where the item is, and if there’s more in the stockroom.

Highlights From Dealhack

MacMall: Viewsonic 19-inch Widescreen LCD Flat Panel Monitor $150 & Free Shipping
Hammacher Schlemmer: Save up to 70% off During Annual Clearance Sale
Circuit City: Logitech V200 Red Cordless Notebook Mouse $10 with Free Shipping

Highlights From Bargainist

Target: Manhattan Modular Room Divider $54.99
Amazon: $10 Off $49 order of Method products
Newegg: DeLonghi FreshZone Air Purifier $19.99 after MIR


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  1. Quazie says:

    is there a link to that amazon stuff?

  2. Fuzzy_duffel_bag says:

    are those Super-Shaper Buns-Briefs?

    I hope they opted for the additional “Spice-it-up Endowment Pad!”

  3. faust1200 says:

    Are there male enhancing underwear? I have a friend who is interested.

  4. Crim Law Geek says:

    Re: MacMall. They are a bunch of douches. They once sold me a monitor advertised as “flat CRT” which was very much not flat and gave me shit about returning it (wouldn’t let me, then wanted to charge me shipping both ways, etc, etc). I wouldn’t be surprised if this advertised LCD is made by ZonecView and made of wood. I swore never to buy from them again.