Curse of The Money Saving Gadget

Get Rich Slowly has a post talking about “money-saving gadgets,” the expensive cappuccino machine you buy to keep yourself from going to Starbucks, the neat-o voice recorder you think you’ll use constantly and the video camera that sits on the shelf after you’ve grown bored with it:

The lesson here is simple: know thyself. Before you spend money on a gadget — especially one you believe will save you money — stop to ask yourself if it’s something that you will actually use. Be honest. For some, an espresso machine or an ice cream maker or a voice recorder might be an everyday tool. For others, they’re expensive doorstops.

We used to do a variation of this all the time, by buying DVDs that we found ourselves never watching. Because seriously, how often are you in the mood to watch Breaking the Waves? —MEGHANN MARCO

The Curse Of The Money Saving Gadget [Get Rich Slowly]

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