Worst Company In America 2007: Prelims

The Worst Company In America contest rolls forward, much like the inexorable jackboot of industrial might!

Readers submitted over 34 companies. Now we need to winnow out the weak and only keep those that truly suck…

Here’s how it works. You get one vote. Vote for the one company you really want to remain in the contest. Based on the results, we’ll throw out the companies that get a bunch less than the others…. Unless there’s a company that’s super deserving to be up for review, in which case we reserve judge/jailor/jury privileges to keep it in there. Nearly all of the companies that were submitted in the original call for entries are here, except for a few ridiculous ones like, “The Federal Government” and “The Boston Police.” If we’re going there, how about Man’s Inability to Colonize The Moon? I Can’t Find My Keys, Inc.?

Vote now!

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