Winner Announced For Cat On A Walmart Nazi T-Shirt Caption Contest

Last week we asked our readers to create captions for this picture of a fine feline on a Nazi insignia shirt sold by Walmart.

We have a winner!

“Here we see demonstration cat show us how Wal-Mart has handled the Nazi shirt issue.”

Congratulations, thereviewer! Please email tips at consumerist dot com from the email you signed up for comments under with your name and address. Your $25 gift card to Target will arrive shortly thereafter.

Runners Up
phrygian: When I work up my next hairball, I have the perfect shirt to vomit on.
shoegazer: Every time you masturbate… A kitten buys a Nazi T Shirt.
adamondi: Ich bin eine Todeskatze! (I am a death cat!)



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  1. thereviewer says:

    Thank you all, I would like to thank Ben and Megan and Amy’s Ice Cream and Cingular and of course Wal-mart and demonstration cat, without their lack of drive and commitment to anything but lying around and not doing a damn thing, this would have never been possible.

  2. adamondi says:

    Wow, a runner up. Good times. It is an honor just to be nominated. Wait… that doesn’t quite work….

  3. Congrats peeps!

    These four captions are all shining examples of the wit and snarkiness of the consumerist. Each one was topical as well. It is a tough job to fit kittens and nazis into a single snarky comment but all four of you did a great job.

  4. bndocksnt says:

    Kudos to thereviewer. Funny stuff.

  5. Matthew says:

    But I thought I read on that store gift cards make CRAPPY gifts!

  6. thereviewer says:

    Ben, Meghann, intern, I sent two e-mails yesterday one from work and one from the e-mail I have registered, did you get either one? Just confirming…