Lycos Deletes All Of Customer's Email, Tells 'Em To Suck It

This is Mike Jandreau, master and commander of all customer service at Lycos. When you don’t check into your email for 30 days, Lycos deletes 2 years worth of your personal email.

He’s the guy who, after you complain, tells you to go suck an electrical socket.

Your job is to ask, “how hard?”

At least that’s what happened to Whitney. When she bemoaned the evaporation of 104 weeks of her personal correspondence, Mr. Jandreau at Lycos responded,

    “I’m sorry, no one here has any intentions of helping you with anything.

    I am the manager of all of Customer Service. There is no one higher than me that you will speak with.

    You violated our policy, which is, despite what you say, completely clear.

    No one is holding anything hostage. Your e-mails have been completely deleted, and no amount of money can now restore them. “

Policy it may be, but this is no reason to treat a customer, even if most people aren’t even sure that your company exists anymore. Lycos owes Whitney an apology and the restoration of all her deleted email.

For the future, why can’t email services let us port our email archives just like address books? That way customers like Whitney could dump Lycos for something that doesn’t suck, like Gmail. — BEN POPKEN

Lycos SUCKS: they held my emails for ransom for $19.95, then deleted them [idaho-hum]
UPDATE: Original blog entry down to CPU overload, here’s a Google cache.

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