Coke's Other Brands

Coke isn’t the only soda in the Coca-Cola corporation’s life. Check out these other brands listed in Coke’s 2003 annual report.

    187168 – Drink of robot kings.

    Bimbo – Brings out your natural blond streaks.

    Bimbo Break – Brunettes aren’t bad either.

    Pocket Dr – Dr. Pepper in a flat can.

    Qoo – Everything goes better with Qoo.

We looked and the more recent annual reports don’t list the brands, which is okay because we don’t consumers to panic after realizing they’re missing out after the failed launch of Lindsey Lohan juice. — BEN POPKEN

Coca-Cola 2003 Summary Annual Report [Official Site] (Thanks to Brian!)


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  1. abelincolnjr says:

    I can’t believe I missed out on Water Salad… That sounds positively bulemic!

  2. stephen5 says:

    If you google “187168 – Drink of robot kings” the results are very interesting.
    Sidenote: why “Results 1 – 3 of about 4 for 187168 “?
    Is that fourth result just too awful to show?

  3. we had a conference reception at the World of Coke thing in Atlanta and there I sampled some of the most foul foreign sodas ever.

    If only they’d had some 187168

  4. RumorsDaily says:

    I’m still partial to the delicious sounding Drim and it’s alphabetical neighbor Dorna. Mmm mmm, Dorna.

  5. xdabomb911 says:

    NO Worry- you can see all their brands at this website:

    Apparently they’re also responsible for “Winnie the Pooh” drinks.

    There is also a virtual vender link. Pretty cool!

  6. VeryFancyBunny says:

    I live in Atlanta, and I occasionally entertain the thought of going down to Coke headquarters to ask them to bring Georgia Coffee (one of their top ten brands!) to the western hemisphere. It’s hard to walk twenty paces in Japan without passing a vending machine full of Georgia Coffee. That stuff’s delicious, and brilliantly addictive. They’re missing a gigantic market for it. I was holding out hope for Coca-Cola Blak to be a shadow of what Georgia Coffee is, but alas, it was not to be.

    If they’re hoarding any Qoo down at HQ, I’ll take some of that, too.

  7. Dustbunny says:

    My Shichifukuzen

  8. Dustbunny says:

    oops…I hit the send button before I was done…anyhoo, Shichifukuzen is my favorite. It sounds really obscene.

  9. kimsama says:

    Qoo – I lived on that stuff in Japan! And as for Georgia Coffee, I agree that the stuff is amazing. I wonder if it’s not over here due to inertia or if the ingredients aren’t FDA approved.

    Now if we could only get the Qoo, Georgia Coffee, and the convenient vending machines to go with them.

  10. shoegazer says:

    second (third?) the Georgia Coffee thing. I can’t believe a company like Coke can make cold coffee out of a can taste so good.

  11. crayonshinobi says:

    Georgia coffee is great, though I was always partial to the Boss myself. I just wish they’d bring the working hot/cold vending machines they have in Japan to the US…I’m tired of being robbed by an inanimate human feedbar.

  12. Binkley says:

    I’ve had Qoo in Asia. It’s great! I wish they had it here…

  13. stephen5 says:

    Shouldn’t 187168 – Drink of robot kings be
    101101101100100000 – Drink of robot kings?

    There are 10 kinds of people in tis world, those that do binary and those that don’t.

  14. Nemesis_Enforcer says:

    Kuat and Kuat light..perfect for the orbital shipyard workers..(only Star Wars fans will understand this one !)

    I miss was my favorite late night study drink in High School. Not so much because of the caffine, more becuase that when I was drinking it and peeing it out it was the same color..:)

  15. Polymath says:

    Qoo! I love that stuff. May I suggest to the 21 and over crowd to add some Gin to your Qoo to make a wonderful drink.

    BTW, not to make you Qoo lovers too depressed or anything, but last time I was in Japan (3 weeks ago) Qoo was pretty much dead. You couldn’t find the larger sizes in the stores, and hardly any vending machines had it. I was stuck drinking Nattcha….

  16. MeanPeopleSuck says:

    Um.. Am I the only one who realizes that the “slogans” after the drink names are made up and that 187168 isn’t really the drink of robots?

    A quick trip to Google revealed the weird origin for the even weirder name.

    Although, I do think it would be cool to have a Dr. Pepper fit in my pocket…

  17. krunk4ever says:

    Other common brands own by Coca Cola which isn’t commonly known include:

    Minute Maid

  18. Stepehn Colbert says:

    I’d like to see what a flat can of dr pepper looks like