US Airways to Delta: "Fine, Keep Your Broke-Ass Airline"

From the New York Times:

The latest chance at a merger ended yesterday, when US Airways withdrew its $10.2 billion offer for Delta Air Lines, after it failed to win the support of Delta’s creditors, which included the Boeing Company and the federal pension agency.

Delta is determined to go it alone, but analysts are still speculating that eventually Delta will find a partner. Will it be Northwest?

US Airways Withdraws Its $10.2 Billion Offer for Delta [NYT]


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  1. adamondi says:

    Whoever eventually bails Delta out needs to fire most of the people currently running it. I don’t know anyone that would intentionally choose to fly on Delta. It is always a “crap, they are my only option” sort of choice in my experience.

  2. acambras says:

    I agree with Adamondi.

    When I lived in the Southeast, Delta seemed to have a virtual monopoly on air travel, especially if one was flying into, out of, or through Atlanta (the self-proclaimed capital of the South). Now that I live in New England, I never fly Delta.

  3. VG10 says:

    I live in Atlanta and Delta has Atlanta in its back pocket. Only AirTran rivals Delta in the Atlanta area. If your trying to fly in or out of Hartsfield-whatever-stupid-name-added-this-week Airport, your most likely flying Delta or AirTran (except for international flights)