Shouldn't DHL Refund My Money?

jory: I ordered a piece of software through (one of the third-party affiliates)
jory: Selected 2nd day expedited shipping, costing $20
jory: On the 2nd day, the package is showing its out for delivery, but never gets delivered.
jory: I call DHL, customer service person says “I have no idea why it didn’t get delivered, it arrived in plenty of time.”
jory: I explain that I paid for 2nd day service and did not receive that [package].
jory: She tells me, “You will have to call the merchant, they will call us and we can refund them, then they can refund you”
jory: The merchant did not thing wrong, what motivation are they going to have to call DHL, request a refund, wait for it, and then transfer that to me?
jory: Seems like DHL should be refunding me
benpopken: Hm
benpopken: The thing is
benpopken: As far as DHL is concerned, the merchant is the customer
benpopken: Try doing it their way and see what happens
jory: sounds good


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  1. missdona says:

    Call Amazon. They’ll send you out a new one with express shipping and refund your upgraded shipping.

    Fighting with DHL might be fruitful, but wont be worth the effort.

  2. Skeptic says:

    Hmm…I think Ben is right on this one. The merchant is the one that paid DHL. DHL can’t just give you money–they have no idea if you’ve already settled with the merchant. That being said, the overnight shippers know when they are late but they do not automatically give service refunds when they don’t meet the promised delivery times–or at least they haven’t done so for me, but they should. Perhaps it should be a law…

  3. Yeah.. as much as it seems like you should work backwards in a linear way to solve the problem, its actually a feedback loop. Contact the person who shipped the item, they contact DHL.

  4. homerjay says:

    Amazon will take care of this for you because you didn’t pay DHL for 2nd day service- you paid Amazon for it and they didn’t deliver it. It doesn’t matter that the sub’d out the delivery, your beef is with them.

    Don’t worry, they’re used to it. They’ll take care of you.

  5. twothirds says:

    DHL did the same thing to me with a shipment from Dell. My 2-day package was “out for delivery” for about 5-days until they realized my hourly call to customer service was going to cost them a lot of money. Finally they let me go down to the depot and pick it up. (By the book, they were supposed to make one failed attempt before I could pick it up.)

    Dell did agree to drop the shipping charge after a few emails back and forth.

    Side note: DHL claimed they do not guarantee shipping times to residential customers. I guess always ship to your place of business?

  6. Ben Popken says:

    Josh writes:

    “that is actually the way most damaged package claims are handled. you are amazon’s customer, and they are dhl’s customer. just let amazon know the package didn’t arrive, they’ll file a lost package claim with dhl, and in like 2 weeks dhl will refund amazon, and amazon should either refund you or ship you a new one. it’s pretty standard, and while you may have to contact amazon more than once to make sure the process keeps… processing, i’m sure it’s the kind of thing they do all the time.”

  7. Mike_ says:

    Amazon is very good about fixing botched shipping. I ordered some audio and video cables from them a few weeks back. Part of the shipment was mysteriously returned to their warehouse before it ever reached me. When I called, they refunded what I was owed, and then sent my cables overnight. I told them I was happy to pay for them, but when I checked the order status the next day, I found they had given me the cables for free. (There’s more to the story, but this covers the gist of it.)

    I have Amazon Prime, so all my orders go 2-day or faster. On the rare occasion that my shipment arrives later than promised, they’ve always been happy to credit my account.

    If you ordered from a third-party merchant, I think it works a little differently. You may need to contact the merchant directly so that they can enter the refund into Amazon’s system. If they are uncooperative, you can always call Amazon for help.

  8. Bluefreak says:

    Amazon has always been very good to me about refunding any shipping charges if an order doesn’t show up when promised.

    To preserve your sanity, though, I’d suggest contacting Amazon’s customer service via email–it may be slower, but the telephone reps seem to be powerless to do anything besides read from a script.

  9. Quippish says:

    I recently purchased a Wii from Amazon and paid for next day shipping. The DHL tracking said they attempted a delivery when no such thing occured.

    Calling Amazon they said this is an issue they’ve been tracking for some time. DHL sucks.

  10. thereviewer says:

    UPS as well will not refund the receiver of the items, because they are not the customer of UPS, Amazon is.

  11. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    I think the moral of this story is DHL sucks, which is very true. UPS and FedEx have their occasional issues, but DHL is in a league of their own. Defnitely a 2nd-tier shipper.

  12. FLConsumer says:

    The posts are correct on this one, DHL has absolutely *NO* responsibility to you whatsoever. However, Amazon, more specifically, the Amazon Merchant does. Call up Amazon and go from there. Most 3rd party Amazon merchants are reasonable people and Amazon’s customer service is very good.

    FWIW, I happen to be a 3rd party vendor through Amazon. So far, so good… BUT I don’t ship via DHL. :)

  13. MBM says:

    What bluefreak said. In late December, DHL botched my Amazon delivery, and the present I sent arrived after the birthday party. Quick email to Amazon, and the extra $ for expedited delivery was credited almost as soon as it was debited.

  14. ArtlessDodger says:

    As someone who frequently ships things overnight, the shipping company (be it DHL, FedEx, UPS or USPS) will pretty much always refund money if a shipment does not arrive by the specified paid for time if you call and ask for a refund. They aren’t going to credit you if you don’t complain.

  15. tadowguy says:

    I have had success in the past asking Amazon for refunds. The first email response is generally a confused one (“but the item was delivered”), but after the second email they have fully refunded my shipping when I paid for 2 day and it took 4. The bottom line here is that the transaction is between you and the seller, let them deal with DHL.

  16. krakbuste says:

    You DHL bashers haven’t a clue. I have been using them for 2 years, with less than 5 problems in which I ship a package a day. ON EVERY OCCASION THAT DHL WAS ONE DAY LATE, REFUND, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, EVEN IF IT WAS GROUND AND NOT GUARANTEED.

    Thos who say second tier shipper don’t know what the hell they are talking about.

    Oh and I don’t work for those crazy yellow bellies.

  17. juri squared says:

    krakbuste: I’m glad you’ve had good experiences with DHL, but that doesn’t meant that other people “don’t know what the hell they are talking about.”

    I, for one, have had more problems with DHL (and previously Airborne) than with UPS, USPS, or FedEx combined.

  18. TPIRman says:

    Most commenters seem to have missed what Mike_ and FLConsumer picked up: Jory actually bought the software through a third-party vendor selling on Amazon’s storefront. So Jory shouldn’t contact Amazon but rather the third-party merchant. Checking the order status or going to the original product page should provide a link to all the contact information you’ll need for the merchant.

  19. jwissick says:

    I agree that DHL is a second rate shipper. They really suck… stuff sits at thier hub for days before it goes out for delivery…. Every time a merchant used DHL for me, I have had to pick it up from the local office because it sits there for days and days w/o even being attempted for delivery. Yes, a 100% failure record. When a merchant says they use DHL, I cancel the order and shop elsewhere now.

  20. Solo says:

    Wherever you bought the item, you entered in a contract. You agree to pay them and they agree to deliver the item. You paid extra for faster shipping but did not receive the utem faster: get a refund, they broke their contract (it’s irrelevant that a tird party did not meet their obligation, the merchant can take it to DHL)

    Also, shopping through Amazon may afford you more guarantee/protection from Amazon, even though they are only an intermediary. Check Amazon’s policies regarding third party stores.

  21. john_nyc says:

    Over the years I’ve experienced at least five instances in which a carrier failed to meet their delivery commitment. Each time I called the vendor, explained it to them, and had my shipping credited back. Sometimes it doesn’t happen immediately (they had to verify it) and sometimes they do it while I’m on the phone with them. But in the end I did get reimbursed for not getting my stuff on time on each occasion.

    The shipper is the carrier’s customer because they are the ones that directly pay the carrier’s bill.

    I do agree that DHL sucks, but FedEx and UPS both have had their moments, as well.

  22. CoachMatt says:

    Same problem happed to me once. I ordered wheels off of ebay. They arrived and were beat to hell in shipping. Well UPS refunded the seller and of course I got nothing in return. I was told the same thing the seller is our customer even though I was the one who paid for it.

  23. Pilam69 says:

    I had this exact problem last week. I paid for next day delivery from Dell on some software. It came 2 days later. When I e-mailed DHL asking for a refund the referred me back to Dell for a refund. I don’t care who pays it, as long as I get a refund but it does seem odd to punish Dell for DHL’s failure.

  24. tonyfleming says:

    I was able to stand up for DHL, but recalled it was actually UPS that I dealt with in a very similar incident. That being said, let’s me give kudos for the UPS supervisor I dealt with.

    We’d ordered a candle from a small mom & pop company for a birthday. It not having arrived the day before (Saturday), I called concerned about it. While the supervisor noted the it was the merchant that had to originate the trace on the shipment, as they were the paying customers (we’d paid them, they’s paid UPS), the supervisor was aware that they might be closed on Saturday. She actually placed me on hold, called the merchant and then came to me, letting me that that indeed they were not open. She then said she’d go ahead and get the trace started (it would still take several days possibly) and asked me to call the merchant on Monday and asked them to call and confirm the need for a trace. I was thrilled to do so – here was a supervisor willing to put the customer’s worries ahead of some scripted policy – and I was more than happy to help her by calling the merchant and getting them to confirm the necessary trace.

    Go UPS!!

  25. INSIDERPRIME says:

    I am a long time Airborne Express/DHL express employee. Your comments about DHL sucks are correct. DHL’s service is sub-standard and not getting any better. Freight will sit in local terminals for weeks on end. They are not able to process the freight because they don’t have the people to do the job. They are staffing their call centers with uneducated street people. That’s why when you call one of the 800 number call centers and get an actual live person, you really are talking to someone who is barely literate. Some are not even here on valid green cards.

    Those of us who have been with this company beginning with Airborne Express before it was acquired by DHL, are as frustrated as you…..the end consumer. DHL is owned by the German Postal Service. That should give you some clue as to why DHL sucks.

    If Donald Trump owned DHL; he would fire all of the management for their gross incompetence.

    Just so you know….DHL stands for DICK HEAD LOGISTICS. They live up to that name.

    How can one organization suck and blow at the same time?

    You are probably better off staying with the Brown or the Blue. Yellow and red your shipments will be DEAD!!!

  26. mdhaun says:

    DHL is just horrible.

    I ordered a package from Spokane to be shipped to Calgary Alberta. They shipped it through California, then through Ohio before finally getting it to Alberta.

    More then a week after it was shipped, I finally get a slip jammed in my door saying they were at my house and that I wasn’t home.

    On the slip of paper it said that this would be the last attempt at delivering it to my house and that I would have to pick it up at their warehouse within 5 days.

    I immediately phoned the number listed on the slip. The lady I spoke with could not find my package in her computer system and told me there was nothing she could do.

    I logged onto the DHL website and found that it was indeed listed in their database, however the courier had listed the tracking number wrong, when i accidentally entered it differently then the sheet said and it finally worked.

    I see that the courier had pretended that he had come the day before as well, however i was home at the time listed, and he did not leave a notificaton slip.

    I phone the DHL number again and they tell me that I can come by the next day to pick up my package, they give me the adress, directions, and the hours of operation.

    I drove across the city the next day thinking I could pick it up, waited in a tiny room with 5 others for almost a half hour, and then was notified that my package was locked on a truck – even though they would not be re-shipping it.

    So now I get to drive across the city and waste another 2 hours of my life tomorrow.

    DHL, If you were a person I would dropkick you into biohazardous waste container