Cingular Launches Pay-Per-Use Push to Talk

Now you can be an annoying, inconsiderate jerk on a pay-per-use basis, rather than by subscribing to Cingular’s Push-To-Talk plan. From their press release:

Customers using one of several wireless phones can now use the company’s PTT service, as needed, for $.15 per minute. In addition to having access to the largest PTT network coverage area, a customer can receive several enhanced PTT features unavailable on similar services offered by some other carriers including:

* Availability- unique icons allow PTT users to see if other PTT customers
are available before making a PTT call.
* Convert to Cellular – enables a PTT call to be converted to a regular
wireless voice call. Calls with up to 30 participants can be converted
effectively creating a mobile conference call.
* Voice Messaging – allows customers to send a voice message to one person
or a whole group.

Customers with the following phones can immediately begin annoying people:

Blackberry Pearl, LG models CG300 CU400 and F7200, Motorola V365, Samsung models D347, D357 and D407 or Sony- Ericsson Z525a. More devices will be released within the year. —MEGHANN MARCO

AT&T Says ‘Hear Me Now!’ Introduces Pay-Per-Use Push To Talk Service [Cingular via Gizmodo]