Announcing The 2007 Worst Company In America Contest

It’s time for The Consumerist 2nd Annual Worst Company in America contest.

We’ll round up the baddies and make a phat sexy tournament ladder. Then we’ll tie their wrists with a handkerchief, and give ’em daggers. Each one of your votes will represent a stab.

The CEO of the “winning” company receives a giant golden shit! And probably a certificate of completion or something.

Last year, Consumerist readers voted Halliburton the Worst Company in America, with Choicepoint as the second. The contest landed us in the New York Times (twice) and on the APM radio show Marketplace. Let’s see what we can do this year with nearly quadrupled readership (and a better polling system).

Nominate which company you think is absolutely abhorrent, and why, in the comments or at tips at consumerist dot com.

Next week, we’ll put the ladder together and let the festivities commence. — BEN POPKEN