Fraud Survey Results: 82% Less Likely To Respond To Legit Banking Emails Due To Phishing

Security firm RSA released the results of their annual online security survey, and the results are interesting. It seems that phishing and other forms of fraud are taking a toll on users.

•91% of account-holders answered that they are willing to start using a new authentication method, beyond the standard ‘username-and-password’, if their banks decided to offer stronger security

•69% of account-holders believe that financial institutions should replace username-and-password log-in with stronger authentication for online banking

•82% account-holders are less likely to respond to an e-mail from their bank due to scams including phishing

Is added security a deciding factor when you choose a bank? Would you like your checking account monitored for possible fraud, much the same way credit cards are monitored today?—MEGHANN MARCO

RSA Announces Findings of Annual Consumer Online Fraud Survey (Press Release) [RSA]