Southwest To Liver Patient It Nearly Let Die: Sorry, Here's A Refund For That Extra Ticket

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Update to, "Southwest Nearly Lets Liver Transplant Patient Die Because He Wouldn't Buy 2nd Ticket."

Update to, “Southwest Nearly Lets Liver Transplant Patient Die Because He Wouldn’t Buy 2nd Ticket.”

After the daughter Brandi wrote a formal complaint letter, Southwest Airlines promised to send Richard an apology, a refund for the extra ticket, and four ticket vouchers. However, It’s uncertain whether Richard will ever be able to use them. Writes Brandi…

My father is at home literally on his death bed. He has nearly lost all bowel control, is in excruciating pain due to the water pressure on his nerves, most of the time is immobile because it is too painful to stand, and his cognitive abilities come and go. Due to his liver condition, painkillers are not an option.

He has an appointment with the University of San Francisco during the first week of February, so hopefully they will take him as a transplant recipient. Fingers are crossed, as we are really down to our last straw.”

Good thing for Southwest that Richard didn’t go while getting denied boarding at the gate. Then they might have to give out five ticket vouchers. — BEN POPKEN

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