Reader Gets Chargeback For Golden Touch Transportation's Shyster Car Service

Thanks to the advice of The Consumerist and its readers, Shonda finally got a refund after Golden Touch Transportation car service ripped her off.

Hi Ben, I just wanted to let you and everyone else know that the charge-back worked like a charm. It took a while, but we received the refund today for our non-private car and all of the hassle that we went through during our trip to NYC. This was a full refund from American Express, not just the difference, and I thank you and Consumerist and all your readers for all of the advice.

Behold, the power of the credit card chargeback.

It’s relatively easy to get one. If a product or service goes wrong and the company refuses to fix it, you just call up your credit card company. Tell them your sob story. Ask for a chargeback. Be advised that requests will require some investigation on the credit card company’s part before processing. — BEN POPKEN

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