Where Do I Go If There’s A Problem With My Google Checkout Order?

If you order something using Google Checkout and there’s a problem with you order, there is a standard mediation process to follow.

First, contact the seller and try to resolve the issue.
1. Sign in to your Google Account.
2. On the Purchase History page, locate the order containing the item you’d like to cancel or have refunded, and click the link in the Item column.
3. At the top of the receipt, click Contact [Seller’s Name].
4. Select an appropriate subject for your message from the Subject: drop-down menu, and enter your message in the Message: text box.
5. Click Send email once you’ve provided the necessary details.

If that proves fruitless, you can ask Google for mediation. *

In this instance, either “I’d like to cancel my order” or “Other” should do the trick. — BEN POPKEN

* This was also covered, in passing, in our Dec 13 post, “We Interview Google Checkout; Promises To Protect Consumers

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