UPDATE: Sprint Will Cancel Dead Brother’s Cellphone

A Sprint PR rep contacted us regarding our post, “Sprint Refuses To Cancel Dead Brother’s Cellphone” and it seems they want to help.

The PR rep booted the issue up to JoAnn Stanford, a high-ranking Sprint Executive Customer Service rep. She wrote Matt:

Thank you for your response to my email. I’m sorry I was on the line when you called. When you are able to, if you would send me the account info (I don’t even have his name at this time) I will take care of resolving this for you.

I am truly sorry for the level of customer service you experienced from our representatives.

Sounds like a happy ending is just around the corner.

Thanks Sprint! All it took was 5150 Diggs and you did the right thing! — BEN POPKEN


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  1. empty01 says:

    The power of bad publicity.

  2. Coder4Life says:

    Can someone please give me the information to contact this person. I have a charge of $300 that I’ve been trying to resolve. So this would probably fix it for me.


  3. volsfan91 says:

    Pretty ridiculous that it has to get all of this attention to get done.

  4. North Antara says:

    Jaideepg: Try contacting the executive office at 1-877-875-7505

  5. bonj says:

    You know the ‘this call may be recorded for quality assurances…..’. My last call to Sprint was a real corporate pride booster. After much insolate bebate with the cs rep, I say ‘.. you leave me with the only satisfaction is to go elsewhere.’ The rep says ‘Go! That’s right’. I quit Sprint.