More Crap About The GAP

Time has an analysis of what went wrong at the GAP and it echoes many of the comments we got on this site:

Pressler’s penny-pinching may have turned off the Gap’s core customers. Sweaters that were once 100% cotton or wool, for example, showed up in stores as acrylic blends, and people noticed. Banana Republic tried to woo the same high-end consumers as J. Crew but didn’t go far enough in offering luxury fabrics, like cashmere, that those shoppers wanted. In 2005, while department stores couldn’t sell enough $100-plus premium jeans, the Gap skipped denim and tried to push khakis. “Pressler went too far in focusing on costs at the expense of merchandising,” says Christine Chen, senior research analyst at Pacific Growth Equities. “Sometimes you just need to go with your gut and do what makes sense to get customers in the door.”

The article also mentions the way in which stores like H&M refresh their looks faster, drawing in and keeping customers in their 20s and 30s. By the time a look hits the GAP, it’s already over, and possibly expensive for the store and unflattering for the customer (skinny jeans?)—MEGHANN MARCO

Why The GAP Keeps Getting Crushed [TIME]


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  1. AlteredBeast (blaming the OP one article at a time.) says:

    The Gap, as far as I recall, as always been the punchline of a joke. I grew up in the era of SNL skits showing Chris Farley and Davis Spade as the typical Gap employees telling customers to just “synch-it”. The store never seemed interesting or appealing.

  2. Actually, Adam Sandler and Chris Spade were the Gap girls. Chris Farley was the manager.

  3. Stepehn Colbert says:

    Ahh, its a picture of a heavy set girl in tight jeans, I get it now. Depressed.

  4. The Unicorn says:

    This is OT, but here’s a comment on the new site design: could you guys figure out a way to differentiate the “continue reading” and “here’s where this story initially came from” links a bit more? I never had a problem with this in the old version, but since the switch I find I keep clicking on the external link when I want the comments, & vice-versa.

  5. Heavy-set? No. Tapered jeans? Yes.

    GAP just need to pick one thing and go with it. They used to be an incredibly successful “basics” store–get your white button-down, your simple jeans, etc. Then they decided to compete with more fashion-conscious stores, and lost. Then they decided to do both, and lost.

    Go back to basics.

  6. formergr says:

    She’s heavy set?

    And to further clarify on the SNL Gap girls, it was Adam Sandler and David Spade :)

  7. Lesley says:

    I went to the GAP last weekend and at the back of the store (here in Nashville), there was a table stacked high with black pants for $3.99 each. I asked the employee nearby, “Are those the ‘skinny black pant?’ And she said, “um, yeah, I think so.” And I just started laughing. She looked at me like I was crazy.

  8. Meg Marco says:

    She’s not heavy-set. Those pants just suck.

  9. ahwannabe says:

    Thank GOD the skinny jeans thing went over like a lead balloon. I’ve noticed fashion magazines are now touting “The Return of the Wide-Legged Pant!”

    Translation: “Millions of average women with average figures and horrible memories of the 80’s screamed bloody murder until the fashion industry got a clue.”

  10. cryrevolution says:

    i like skinny jeans. they look hot with some flats. but never from the gap. atleast from old navy, you pay low prices for crap…at the gap its like they just add twenty bucks to the price and sell the same crap.

  11. Amry says:

    Pressler’s penny pinching also got Gap back into the black and is the one and only reason it’s still in business today. Don’t forget that he entered the company in the midst of a downturn – it’s not all his fault. Gap had already gotten away from the basics it was known for in 2002, when he took over. That said, him knowing nothing about the apparel business was obvious, as the Time article mentions.

    Also, I own the shoes that girl is wearing in the picture. I definitely do not wear them with a white, black, and pink tube top, though.

  12. OnoSideboard says:

    That girl is heavy-set? Now I’m depressed.

  13. Falconfire says:

    That girl is neither heavy set nor do the jeans suck.

    People just have no fucking taste and think twigs are hot and anyone who looks like they can actually give birth without the baby ripping out of their stomach alien style is ugly.

    I think its time for a closing of the commenting system and some bannings of the asshats it let in.

  14. superbmtsub says:

    She’s not fat but she def needs to work out her thighs. Some good time on the treadmill and thigh extensions would do a fat (no pun intended) load of good for her.

    My fav place to shop for pants and they’re goin down. :(

  15. fauxfatale says:

    It’s news to me that skinny jeans are out of style, as they are the norm here in NY. I went to the Gap looking for some cheap ones – I usually wear designer jeans but have been a bit skint lately – and all they had were flares. This is the Gap by NYU, where every girls wears skinny jeans, in a city where people have been getting their designer flares tailored into cigarette cut pants. They need to learn how to vary their inventory by locale like Old Navy, etc. does.

  16. Metschick says:

    The only thing I like from the Gap is their baby stuff. My daughter dresses almost exclusively from there. I wish their adult collections were as fun.

    Back in my late teens/early 20s, I always went to gap to buy my wardrobe basics: jeans, white shirts, denim skirts, jean jackets. Now, I just find all the stuff they offer to be so dull. And not that it was ever super inventive, but now it’s “fashionable” and dull. Blech.

  17. Doorknob says:

    Pressler and his cronies nearly destroyed Disneyland before he was finally shown the door. He had his hand in the failure of Disney’s California Adventure park, the disasterous Tomorrowland rennovation, closed rides, and the overall downturn in maintanance and upkeep. And two completely innocent Disneyland guests lost their lives in serperate incidences due to cost-cutting in maintanance.

    Over the past few years though, Disneyland has turned things around though, quality wise, with loads of rebuilding and maintenance.