Hospitals Charge Exorbitant Markup For Generic Drugs

Hospitals are charging insane markups on generic drugs administered during observation stays.

After hernia surgery, Mary Corfeld stayed overnight for observation. When she got the bill

It included $16 for four acetaminophen tablets, $4 for a single multiple vitamin, $49 for two breast cancer tablets that Walgreens sells for $9.93 each when purchased in a 30-day supply, and $13.98 for an antacid tablet that sells for $1.27. She also was charged her $258 for an asthma inhaler that costs $42 at Walgreens.

The rub comes because Medicare doesn’t cover the costs of self-administered drugs taking during observational stays. This also means they can’t regulate the practice. Defending it

Beth Earnest, a spokeswoman for Community Memorial, said the hospital’s costs are higher. For example, the drugs are not simply taken from a large bottle, but are individually wrapped, she said

Evident ally, the solution is to hide some generics in your bag and refuse when the hospital tries to feed you one of these golden Tylenols. — BEN POPKEN

Pills for a premium [JS Online] (Thanks to AcilletaM!)