Amazon’s Dress Shirt Sale

Amazon’s semi-annual dress shirt sale is going on now. Quality shirts by Arrow, Izod, Geoffrey Beene, Calvin Klein, Kenneth Cole, and more for just $12.99-$29.99.

This is only the first half of the sale. The second half should see markdowns to $9-$12. Of course then there will be fewer styles and sizes to choose from. Discounted white shirts can be harder to find but tipster Richard writes…

…many nice colors are available. What you think may not look right, often time does. Take some risks! And if you don’t like it, you’re only out $10 or so. Donate it to the Salvation Army.

If you don’t know your neck size and/or sleeve length, you can get a friend to measure you, or go down to the dry cleaner and nicely ask the seamstress to do it for you. — BEN POPKEN

The Dress Shirt Sale [Amazon] (Thanks to Richard!)


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  1. bndocksnt says:

    If you don’t know your neck and sleeve size, chances are you’ve never worn a dress shirt before, or at least not properly. Do yourself a favor, splurge on the in-person purchase for your first ever dress shirt, that way you can determine which style and cut work best for you.

  2. pestie says:

    I’m nearly 35 and have never “properly worn” a dress shirt. I have absolutely no need for them in my life. I may have a job and a mortgage, but that doesn’t mean I have to grow up!

  3. Hoss says:

    FYI – Jos A Bank is also having a great shirt sale this weekend

  4. oghelpme says:

    Thanks for the tip. I picked up 2 shirts for $30!

  5. I went and got my measurements today because of this post. Who knows when I will get around to ordering some shirts.

  6. Antediluvian says:

    Please, no tinyURL’s. We’ve been through this before. Especially no tinyURL’s which are Amazon links because I want to know whether they are referrer links or not.

  7. Matthew says:

    I may not be searching thoroughly enough, but I think the only shirts in this group that have French cuffs are Trump brand. And I’m not about to don the Donald at any price.

  8. Interesting side note, I lost 15 pounds, and my neck size changed. I lost almost two inches. My tailor re-measures everything every 6 months.