UPDATE: Free Cingular With iPhone Rumor Is “Hooey”

Eric Savitz at Barron’s took a look through the transcripts of the call that CNBC’s Jim Cramer claimed contained a vow by Cingular to offer free service for 18 months to Verizon customers who switched for the iPhone. What did he find? Nothing. Zip.

I searched the transcripts of both the investor conference call yesterday with Cingular, and another today with AT&T, and neither says anything like that at all. In fact, the Street.com story is dated yesterday, and AT&T didn’t even hold its call until this morning. I also talked to Cingular spokesman Mark Siegel, who said that the company has not announced any details on service plans for iPhone users yet, and won’t do so until shortly before launch.

Yeah, free service? We didn’t think so. —MEGHANN MARCO

Apple: Cingular To Give Away Free Service With iPhones? Don’t Believe Everything You Read [Barron’s]