StolenID Search: See If Your Identity Was Stolen, Just Type In Your SSN….

Has someone stolen your social security or credit card number? StolenIDSearch is a new site aims to answer this question that has tickled the back of most American’s minds at some point, especially in light of the recent spree of retailer breaches and stolen laptops containing reams of personal information.

StolenIDSearch provides a free online search engine. All you have to do is enter your Social Security Number or credit card number into the box and they’ll look it up to see if it’s on the stolen list.

This is probably the most asinine idea ever, second only to our freshman college roomie who almost microwaved a can of soup.

TrustedID says they don’t retain any of the info, the server is protected with SSL, and the only people who have access to it go through extensive background checks.

Sound familiar? It’s the same crap merchants and credit card companies have been telling us, and look what happened to TJ Maxx, and Office Max.

For cheap kicks, we entered our SSN. TrustedID said it hadn’t been stolen…yet. They were then happy to offer for sale their services in monitoring our identity for possible theft.

The only way to protect yourself from identity theft is to not give it out to people who don’t need or whom you don’t trust… like internet startups. — BEN POPKEN

StolenIDSearch [Official Site]


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  1. ElPresidente408 says:

    * Not stolen until you enter it into the website that is… lol

  2. donwilson says:

    I checked my SSN and it said it was fine, so I joined their service. I was surprised when I got an email from them a few minutes later stating that my SSN has been compromised by a website called “StolenIDSearch”.

    Thank god I signed up with StolenIDSearch to know I shouldn’t sign up with horrible websites such as StolenIDSearch.

  3. Thaddeus says:

    “That’s right folks… check to see if your ID has been stolen. For added security, please enter a valid credit card number along with your social security number. And a phone number. And your mothers maden name. And your name. You know what, you had better just tell us everything about yourself just to be safe.”

  4. justforfun says:

    so… you make fun of it for being innately stupid (and you were right), then you go ahead and give in? wtf.

  5. Kaix says:

    This means they’re obviously in possession of a list of social security numbers. Wouldn’t possession of such a list be illegal?

  6. Scazza says:

    Honestly, if you fall for this, I say good riddance. In the age where we have seem millions of internet scams, you deserve what you get for trolling the internet without a clue how to properly use it and spot shit like this.

  7. katana says:

    Who precisely creates the “stolen” list?

  8. acambras says:

    Yeah, who reports a SSN “stolen?” The people who stole it?

    If my car were stolen, I (the victim) would be the one reporting the theft. And if I were a victim of identity theft, who would report that?

    Fundamentally flawed idea used to gather SSNs (from users of the site) for God-knows-what.

  9. gamehead200 says:

    Says secured with Verisign, yet there’s no secure connection. Also entered 55555555 as an SSN and it says it’s stolen.

    What a joke…

  10. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I entered 000-00-0000, and whaddya know…my SS number had been COMPROMISED! I suspect you could enter any bogus SS number as long as the format was correct and get the same result.


  11. justforfun says:

    lol, dwayne dibbly. great username choice.

  12. Grrrrrrr, now with two buns made of bacon. says:

    I wondered if anyone would get the reference from Red Dwarf. I’m not actually a life form the evolved from Lister’s cat, nor do I have buck teeth; I’ve never played Better Than Life, and I don’t own a thermos, but I am a 100% geek :)

  13. spanky says:

    Richard Nixon’s identity has been stolen too! Even the most powerful among us aren’t safe!

    Please, someone, direct me to a service or a product that will mitigate my risk!

  14. Tim Matheson says:

    Oh the irony of that title. Of course it says your identity has been comprimised after you enter it your identity has been comprimised.

  15. Scazza says:

    Put in a bunch of bogus credit card numbers, all were fine… but they wern’t even proper numbers either. The lazieness of the site.

  16. Helvetian says:

    I don’t see what all the fuss is about, you could enter any set of numbers as xxx-xx-xxxx and it could very well be someone’s actual SSN. I don’t see much risk unless you provide identifying information such as name, DOB, etc.

  17. JennifARGH says:

    I laughed as soon as I saw that.

    Off topic: “DWAYNE DIBLEY?!” My boyfriend just got the series with this ep for Christmas. I loved that episode!

  18. zolielo says:

    Is the SSN for TV’s Homer Simpson. Sadly Homer’s number has been previously stolen…

  19. djheath says:

    It does seem very scam like but the BBC had a full interview with the sites creators and they said it was safe. Didn’t say how they got the numbers though!

    Smoke me a kipper I’ll be back for breakfast.

  20. timmus says:

    As long as you’re not entering any other personally identifiable information, putting in a SSN by itself is probably not a big deal. There’s a slew of SSN’s on the Social Security Death Index, and I’d be willing to bet that if you picked any random 9-digit number that the odds are 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 that it’s a valid SSN. An SSN is not going to be of any use without other info to go with it.

  21. homerjay says:

    That headline initially looks like you’re endorsing that site but I think Acambras makes the best point. How the hell do they know if your number has been comprimised. You’re the only one that will report it, and if you do, then you don’t need this stupid site.

  22. viriiman says:

    Lets try Donald R. DeCicco’s SSN.

  23. BMR says:

    let’s be clear:

    there is a difference between a stolen identity and one that is given away,

  24. Craig says:

    If this isn’t a phishing site I’d be amazed…I can’t believe Consumerist is even implying it’s anything but.

  25. joelion says:

    this is a horrible idea. you’re doing a major disservice to yourself and your readers by linking to this site. Even if it is legit, this is very bad form.

    on another note, but SSN of 123-45-6789 appears to have been stolen…..

  26. PinnyCohen says:

    Ha, I don’t know that I would be willing to search for my own SSN….these days search engines track way too much info about you.

  27. Shoeb Ahmed says:

    Please give that site a valid SSN to ‘search’ AKA store in their database for later selling.

  28. AnnC says:

    Oh crap! My ssn is 078-05-1120 and someone stole it!

  29. MeOhMy says:

    Hey, AnnC! That’s *MY* SSN!

  30. Derek says:


    You guys, shut up! It’s a front for an NSA sting operation! If you blog about it, the terrorists win!

  31. thethrizzle says:

    Really, who in their right mind is checking this on a non government site?

  32. Steven Bao says:

    I was about to call that this was a definite fake, but then you can see the BBC program, and the Trust-E which is for their parent company TrustedID, and their VeriSign seal. I don’t know abou this one now…

  33. Jesse in Japan says:

    My SSN was stolen, but they said that I could buy it back for 500 dollars.

  34. Ookseer says:

    All it takes to get a VeriSign seal is money, a mailing address and a phone number.

    Most thieves can get their hands on all of those things.

    Seeing as my SSN was my university ID and printed on every damn thing, including grades publicly posted grades and schedules, along with my name, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if my number is being used by someone.

    However my identity is amazingly undesirable, so if someone wants to steal it, they’re in for a fun time.

  35. TrustedID says:

    Hello Everyone,

    In the past few days, we’ve seen thousands of people make comments about our StolenID Search service. We appreciate everyone who sees value in the service as well as those who have questions.

    We feel that it makes good sense to help address all those questions in one common forum. Please visit our TrustedID blog (link below), as a venue to find answers to your questions/concerns related to our new service.

    Scott Mitic
    CEO, TrustedID

  36. JEdgarHoover says:

    I hope the FBI will find it interesting enough to investigate