StolenID Search: See If Your Identity Was Stolen, Just Type In Your SSN….

Has someone stolen your social security or credit card number? StolenIDSearch is a new site aims to answer this question that has tickled the back of most American’s minds at some point, especially in light of the recent spree of retailer breaches and stolen laptops containing reams of personal information.

StolenIDSearch provides a free online search engine. All you have to do is enter your Social Security Number or credit card number into the box and they’ll look it up to see if it’s on the stolen list.

This is probably the most asinine idea ever, second only to our freshman college roomie who almost microwaved a can of soup.

TrustedID says they don’t retain any of the info, the server is protected with SSL, and the only people who have access to it go through extensive background checks.

Sound familiar? It’s the same crap merchants and credit card companies have been telling us, and look what happened to TJ Maxx, and Office Max.

For cheap kicks, we entered our SSN. TrustedID said it hadn’t been stolen…yet. They were then happy to offer for sale their services in monitoring our identity for possible theft.

The only way to protect yourself from identity theft is to not give it out to people who don’t need or whom you don’t trust… like internet startups. — BEN POPKEN

StolenIDSearch [Official Site]

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