Oh, We See, IDT Outsources Their Door To Door Sales!

The reason why we’re having such a hard time finding a job with IDT Energy as a door to door salesman might be because they outsource these jobs.

We just found this in the IDT SEC report

    “We market our energy services primarily through direct marketing methods. In fiscal 2006, the bulk of our marketing was done via door to door marketing using outside contractors.”

Therefore, we need to find out who these contractors are and get our intern a job with one of them. Maybe we can look through craigslist for job openings in the New York area for door to door salesmen. Then look at those companies and see if any of them specialize in energy. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. timmus says:

    Will the Consumerist be doing old-fashioned insider investigative journalism? That would be cool.

  2. pronell says:

    I doubt their contractors are looking to hire anyone. Their “contractors” are the people recruited at the multi-level-marketing scheme meetings mentioned in the previous thread.

  3. AcilletaM says:

    Hey, new design. Not bad.

  4. crown victor victoria - no star, no problem says:

    it’s possible the people that tried to sign me up for the job didn’t even work for IDT then, and the whole pyramid scheme was just a lie.

    Why anyone would pretend to be running a pyramid scheme is beyond me.

  5. The great thing about this sort of arrangement, of course, is that it gives the parent company plausible deniability whenever their contractors do blatantly illegal stuff.

    See also all of those software companies whose “affiliates” are the ones who send spam promoting their wares, or indeed ye olde Crappy Loudspeakers Sold Out Of A Van scam, where the company that makes the speakers hires the van-dudes in as legally unconnected a way as it possibly can.