Dell Math: $1710 – $386 = $1549

Reader Jonathan sends us a screenshot from Dell with the message, “Dell needs a new calculator.” The receipt from Dell lists the “unit price” of a laptop at $1710.00, then at the bottom shows a discount of $386 dollars…resulting in a “subtotal” of $1549. Either their math is wrong, or this is the worst receipt ever. Where did the extra $161 come from? Shouldn’t that sort of thing be clearly marked? —MEGHANN MARCO

Full receipt inside


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  1. cindel says:

    Someone has been talking to Verizon

  2. pronell says:

    Heh. From the front page, I was assuming it was somehow taxes, or other fees. But nope, the taxes are listed right there.

    I bet I know. They found some obscure loophole in the law that lets them list their discounts in other currencies. Like the Canadian restaurant, I think it was in 2000 or so, which had a special. $20 US bought you dinner and $20 CAN in change.

    Act now, and you’ll get 386 pesos off!

  3. lpranal says:

    first the site goes white, now this.

    I don’t even know what day it is anymore.

  4. pronell says:

    You don’t know what day it is?
    It’s Bludenkorphday!
    Didn’t you get the memo?

  5. YodaYid says:

    Amazing how these “mistakes” always work in the company’s favor…

  6. Katharine says:

    The same thing happened to me in October of last year. I called and the guy could not understand what I was talking about. He kept saying no that is the correct price. It literally did not add up correctly. It was final push I needed to switch to Apple.

  7. Michael says:

    Well, duh. It’s minus 386 *DELL* dollars. As the world’s largest computer manufacturer, I think they’re entitled to use their own currency.

  8. Scazza says:

    What gets me is this couldn’t be the FIRST time it happened…. If almost everyone buys from dell and no one noticed this… umm, alot of people could be seeing refunds?

  9. sporesdeezeez says:

    Granted, that invoice is definitely jacked up. However, for that exact same reason I can’t bring myself to condemn Dell’s math here. Why aren’t the prices for those line items enumerated? It’s possible that for some convoluted reason those are not included in the top-level laptop price. Regardless, lousy invoice – the numbers displayed should ALWAYS add up.