AirTran Grounds Screaming Toddler And Family, Literally

AirTran is defending itself today for removing a screaming toddler and her family from a flight bound for Boston. “The flight was already delayed 15 minutes and in fairness to the other 112 passengers on the plane, the crew made an operational decision to remove the family,” AirTran spokeswoman Judy Graham-Weaver said, ” [The toddler, a three year old named Elly] was climbing under the seat and hitting the parents and wouldn’t get in her seat.”

The family was compensated to the tune of “$595.80, the cost of the three tickets,” and “flew home the next day.

They also were offered three roundtrip tickets anywhere the airline flies,” but the father said they’d never fly AirTran again. This, of course, means we are suddenly more interested in flying AirTran for the no psychotic toddler policy. There are other people on the plane, and if you can’t control your kid you need to be removed rather than ruin/delay the flight for everyone else.—MEGHANN MARCO

Toddler’s Temper Ousts Family From Plane [Chicago Tribune]