Walmart Nazi Tshirt Watch: Week 10

10 weeks after t-shirts bearing Nazi insignia were discovered in Walmart, the retailer has yet to remove them from all their stores, despite initial promises to do so within days.

We’re going to limit ourselves to weekly roundups from now on.

We rather enjoy Philip’s above. Good direction. More wide angle shots. Let’s see this shirt in action.

On a related note, if anyone got a shot of a cat sitting on a Walmart Nazi shirt, Meghann said she’ll explode with love.

Five submissions this week, inside…

Recent updates to this story.



On 12/23/07, Philip in Neenah, WI, writes:

    “I’ve been following this story from the beginning, and every time I visited my local WalMart (store #2986), I made a point to search their men’s shirts section. They had never had any in stock, until my visit two days ago (January 21, 2007) when I noticed the shirt display had quite a few of the “skull” shirts. I went back to the store the following day (January 22, 2007) with my camera phone and grabbed a shot. From the picture, you can count 12 shirts on the shelf, and the one display shirt.

    Just for fun, I grabbed a shirt and headed to the self-checkout line. Sure enough, the shirt didn’t scan, and I was informed that an associate would be with me shortly. I continued my purchases when I was approached by the employee running the self-checkout lines. She asked me if I wanted the shirt. I told her it would not ring up. She did some cashier magic, and we were presented with the “SELL NOT ALLOWED” message. She again asked me if I wanted the shirt. I told her that I would. She asked how much it cost, and then saw the price was on the shirt. She then manually rang up a shirt at the listed price (while I grabbed another photo).
    Before anyone in the comments goes crazy, I do NOT fault the cashier on this at all. Rather, I see her behavior a pleasantly surprising example of good customer service: she saw a customer trying to purchase a product that was for some reason (she probably figured it a glitch or error) not supposed to be sold, and did what she could do to allow the customer to buy it.

    I am curious, though, why these shirts appeared on the shelf now, when they hadn’t been available before. Perhaps a hidden stash in the “back room” had been discovered and blindly put out for display. Perhaps, though, there is more to it that speculation can easily come up with.



On 1/22/07, Tim in Cordova, TN writes:

    “Spotted this at the Cordova, TN store on 1/21/07 at 4pm, yep its the nazi shirt again! (I know how much you guys love the Wal-mart nazi shirt story)”



On 1/21/07, Naval in Lubbock, TX writes:

    “I was browsing my local Walmart in Lubbock, TX and came across the infamous Nazi insignia bearing shirts. There were at least 6 or 7 more. I tried to buy one, but the register said “Sell not allowed.” However, the supervisor offered to sell it with their department code at the $9.xx price. I declined because I just wanted to see if they were still allowing the sale of that item. “



On 1/19/07, NIck in Houston, TX writes:

    “I went to the Wal-Mart I often go to this afternoon on my way from work. This particular Wal-Mart happens to be in Houston, Texas, in the West Oaks area, store #772. After loading up the cart with the things I had to get, I was walking by the mens clothing section, when I remembered about the Nazi Death Head shirt that Wal-Mart should have removed from their shelves. I thought, surely they will not have any…but what if they did? what if I was actually able to walk of the store with one?? So, I walked over the young mens screen T display and started glancing around. At first it looked grim, then upon looking at the very bottom rack, there they were! In fact, there were about 5 of these supposedly banned T-Shirts. I quickly thought about a previous post I read on The Consumerist about the guy bringing the Nazi shirt and another shirt to the register and coaxing the lady to ring them both up under the same sku. Well, not wanting to spend that kind of extra money on shirts I really didn’t need, I looked over at the register area and saw the Self Checkout lanes…

    I decided to let fate run its course and just see what happens. Without a doubt, I figured when I scanned the shirt, some kind of message would pop up. When I scanned the shirt, a text box window popped up saying a customer service rep would be assisting me shortly. The clerk watching over the checkout lines came to my register in a matter of seconds. The text box went away by pressing “Ok” and she scanned the shirt again. Sure enough, the text box window popped back up. She had no idea what was going on. I said, “That’s wierd, there are 4 of those over on the shelf. They are $11.44.”

    She walked over to her 1980’s style, “regular” Wal-Mart cash register and rang it up. Now, it is important for me to clarify that at no point did I see anything indicating a “NO SALE”. Instead a price of $7.83 rang up. The clerk joked with me saying, “See, and you were trying to overcharge yourself!” She walked back over to the self checkout register I was originally at and entered manual register mode, that only employees, or maybe hackers, can access. She had to go through a couple of processes, entering the sku, putting in the price, and other basic descriptive categories about the item, then simply typed in “SCREENT” as the product name that would show up on the receipt. Task completed, she walked back to her register, not knowing what she just did, I checked out, paid and walked out of there with a huge smile on my face! Not because I’m endorsing what the shirt stands for or anything, but basically because I saw it as a good goal from the first time I read the post on The Consumerist to try and get one of these shirts if I ever had the oppurtunity.

    I have attached a picture of the shirt laid out on my coffee table. I don’t have a camera phone, so I couldn’t snap any pics at the store…I hope this pic doesn’t scream fake, as in I might have already had a shirt…I tried taking a picture of the receipt but the words are unreadable. If you guys absolutely want to see it, I can scan it. Anyways, hope you can post this, it would be my first internet 15 minutes…errr maybe seconds, of fame! Thanks!!”


On 1/15/07, Matthew in Rome, GA writes:

    “I had my fianc

    take this pic of me at Wal-Mart on 1/15/07 @ ~11PM. This is one of the two Wal-Marts here in Rome, GA (Zip: 30165). I hope you get to post this!

    My Consumerist poster name is: criticman”

You would think these would be easier to get off the shelves than anime porn. They don’t even have any tentacles that you need to pry. — BEN POPKEN

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