iTunes + Netflix = Cancel Cable?

A blogger over at ZDNet realized that he could cancel part of his cable, order his shows on iTunes, watch movies on Netflix and save $300 a year.

    Last week I came to the realization that with Netflix and iTunes, I would be able to cut out the $50 portion of my cable TV bill and ditch the 80 or so channels I never watch, including 3 shopping channels, 3 sports channels, 6 family channels, numerous foreign language channels, and one Lifetime Channel for Women that my fiance tortures me with. Farewell Melissa Gilbert, Rachael Ray, and Paula Deen! You are thus banished from my home!

    I’m currently interested in about 6 shows, all of which it turns out I can get on iTunes. Plus, Netflix handles all of my movie needs. If I’m generous with my iTunes figures, it adds up to about $300 in purchases each year, versus the $600 I pay for all of the “variety” that Comcast provides me. The old model of just piping junk into my home simply doesn’t make sense to me anymore.

Even though it makes sense, it seems like a hard sell for most people. It may not sound practical to you right now, but paying for your shows individually may be the way of the future. People want

la carte media, and with the way cable prices are rising, it may be more cost effective for a lot of users. Are you listening Comcast? DirecTV? NFL? —MEGHANN MARCO

The Comcast Cancer: Is Web 2.0 the Cure? [ZDNet]