Sell Your Cellphone Contract To Escape It

If doing battle with lying customer service reps and supervisors isn’t your thing, there’s an easier way to escape your cellphone contract. Several websites let you post your cellphone contract and trade or sell it to others.

You get out without early termination fee, but that doesn’t come without a price. A roundup:

CellSwapper: Free to post. $14.95 if you sell your contract.

CelltradeUSA: $19.99 to transfer a contract. No fee to take over a contract.

Resellular: $14.99 to transfer a contract. No fee to take over a contract.

Wirecracker: No trading contracts. Flat cancellation fee of $50. Users must sign up with a new service through the site. Out of business.



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  1. Magister says:

    If you trade your contract and that person decides to stop paying, aren’t you still responsible for the early term fees?

  2. Ben Popken says:

    No. They take full ownership and responsibility for the contract. It’s out of your hands and only linked to them after that point.

  3. trinidadiv says:

    The wisecracker link is not working for me. I need Freedom from the Verizon Empire!

  4. lpranal says:

    If that wisecracker thing is as it sounds, I REALLY wish i would have found out about this sooner- would have saved me 100 bucks.

  5. Theclearanceguy says:

    I used when I read about it in March of 06. I read the article Dropkick the Cellphone Contract also on – source

    Anyway my experience was great. I got out of my cell phone contract without paying any fees :)

    I am a cell celltrade fan for life …

    I plan on using celltrade again when the iphone comes out.

    Till then…

  6. hurmpees says:


    If work did not pay for my phone and service that is what I would do.

  7. FreakALeak says:

    Resellular is free till the end of the month to celebrate their one year anniversary — good timing for all you skeptics.

  8. Harshmage says:

    Resellular is dead.. Bad Request (Invalid Hostname). Sorry to report it as such.

  9. Anonymous says:

    i have a cellphone, and my contract isnt up for another 2 years, and yet, i want to buy an iphone.
    my friend asks if she can buy my phone off me, .. well , what happens to the contract .. ?
    can i give her the phone and contract, or what? please help .