Drunks On A Plane: How Not To Behave During A 6 Hour Flight

Yes, flying can be stressful, but it’s no excuse to get belligerently drunk. On a recent United Airlines flight from Boston to San Francisco a 28 year-old female passenger did the following:

• Used her cell phone.

• Made jokes about the plane being hijacked when asked who she was talking to: “I’m calling 911 because the plane is being hijacked.”

• Attempted to take her dog into the airplane bathroom.

•Locked herself in said bathroom saying: “You are going to have to kill me and my dog.”

• Attempted to exit the aircraft mid-flight. “I’m getting off the aircraft,” she said. She was then restrained with handcuffs and plastic ties.

Attention readers: Do not get drunk during a long flight. We know they stopped giving you food, but you shouldn’t fly drunk. Bring a sandwich. Have a cocktail. But remember, it’s an airplane, not a nightclub. It’s inappropriate to be stinking of alcohol and out of control on a plane. Oh, and bring breath mints, too. Please.—MEGHANN MARCO

United passenger charged for alleged drunken behavior on flight [USA Today]