Check For Verizon Employee Discounts

Verizon has lots of relationships with different employers and you might qualify for an employee discount. Go here and enter your work email address to check.

One SlickDeal forum member said, “my wife and I qualified for 19% off our bill because she is a schoolteacher in Massachusetts. With my old company, I got 3% off, and it was only a 500 employee firm.”


Check For Verizon Employee Discounts []


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  1. averdade says:
  2. ckilgore says:

    I get a 19 percent discount, too because I work at a university. I think anyone that works for the state in Illinois is eligible for the discount.

  3. snazz says:

    meanwhile, they collect your work email address and continue to spam you, despite the possibility of a discount. good strategy

  4. Mike_ says:

    Sprint does this, too. I get my employer’s volume discount on my personal account. Ask your HR Department to look into it — they like being able to offer free benefits.

  5. billhelm says:

    Sprint’s volume discount through my company is fantastic – the more people that sign up for it, the higher the discount gets. It started at 16% and is up to nearly 25%.

  6. Echodork says:

    Yes… just what I want. Verizon to have my work email address, so they can spam me with more of their inane junk.

  7. amrcanpoet says:

    Beware: AFTER you enter and register your e-mail they notify you that you will receive spam from them. Shouldn’t they warn you before? Meh, no worries.

    BTW: I’m a public school teacher, and seems that all government employees get 15% off of plans, and 25% off of accessories. Not too shabby.

  8. Youthier says:

    You’re better off contacting a local branch of your cellphone provider or a provider you’re interested in. Centennial offers an 11% discount to the three largest employers in my area and two of them are only a regional company.

  9. Michael G says:

    Ask where you have to go for service. Sometimes the office for service is NOT the local on in town.

  10. matto says:

    Wow great, now I can get more spam at work! And possibly consider switching to a cellular provider that doesn’t understand math. Thanks!

  11. theinsanefurry says:

    Make sure you check out the local store for the cell company BEFORE you use a company discount. I found that we could get a Cingular plan and phones cheaper at the regular price in the store, then with my company’s discount.

    Cingular store:
    Family Plan: 69.99 for two lines
    Phones: 99.99 each

    Cingular with company discount:
    Plan: 69.99 -10% then add 9.99 for the second line!
    Phones: 150.00 each

    (Yes this is what they were going to charge me)