Car Dealership Breaks Into Customer’s Home, Steals $70,000

Used car salesman are sleazy, but these guys really take the cake and fuck it in the butt.

In July, 60 year old mentally ill Richard Grey wheelchaired into the Huling Brothers dealership in Seattle, his pants encrusted with feces and urine, and bought a truck with $30,000 in cash in a plastic bag.

The salesmen learned he had more at home and three of them broke in and stole $70,000 more.

Then they learned the man was in a psychiatric ward and visited him and got Mr. Grey to sell them the truck back for $1,200.

Now, justice. The former owner of the dealership, Steve Huling, wrote checks for $100,000 to the victim. The salesmen are going to trial.

Part 1, the arrest, is above. Part 2, the not guilty plea and Huling writing the checks, is inside…

Congrats, fellas, you just proved everything we hate about used car salesmen. — BEN POPKEN