Car Dealership Breaks Into Customer’s Home, Steals $70,000

Used car salesman are sleazy, but these guys really take the cake and fuck it in the butt.

In July, 60 year old mentally ill Richard Grey wheelchaired into the Huling Brothers dealership in Seattle, his pants encrusted with feces and urine, and bought a truck with $30,000 in cash in a plastic bag.

The salesmen learned he had more at home and three of them broke in and stole $70,000 more.

Then they learned the man was in a psychiatric ward and visited him and got Mr. Grey to sell them the truck back for $1,200.

Now, justice. The former owner of the dealership, Steve Huling, wrote checks for $100,000 to the victim. The salesmen are going to trial.

Part 1, the arrest, is above. Part 2, the not guilty plea and Huling writing the checks, is inside…

Congrats, fellas, you just proved everything we hate about used car salesmen. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. adamondi says:

    The good news is that once these a-holes go to prison, their cell mates will call them “Cake” and do the very same to their butts. Ah, the extra “justice” meted out in prison can sometimes restore your faith in humanity.

  2. TPIRman says:

    The first video is broken, but according to the second video, the scum bought the truck back for $1,200, not the $12,000 Ben noted. Of course, I don’t think it makes that much of a difference in the overall scheme of things.

  3. WindowSeat says:

    Unbelieveably evil. I’m glad the dealership owner did the right thing and covered the man’s losses. I hope the State has stepped in and assigned a caseworker and a fiduciary for the victim.

  4. drrew says:

    The dealership owner is actually the ex-dealership owner. He sold the dealership within the past few months but it’s still his name on the sign so he stepped up to pay for the disgusting acts of his former employees.

  5. Sorenso says:

    Wow, I believe there is a special place in hell for these asshats. How could you do this to another human being let alone someone with a mental disability?

    I hope the judge throws the damn book at them.

  6. Brian E says:

    I hope the judge cuts out the inside of the book and replaces it with an IED before throwing it at these sub-human animals. Wow.

  7. pestie says:

    Used card salesmen? Yeah, they totally suck.

  8. juri squared says:

    That’s just sick. I do hope the man gets a legal guardian that can keep an eye on such things for him in the future.

  9. Coder4Life says:

    Thats just sick.. These people should be going to JAIL for a very long time.

    Also that ex – owner must be the nicest guy ever.. b/ who the hell would just fork over $100k w/out a fight. Now thats a good man… He’s everything that we dont see on this site.

  10. camp6ell says:

    you say that as if getting fucked in the butt is a bad thing?

  11. MosH8ed says:

    Fucking swine! People like that make me sick!

  12. kerry says:

    camp6ell –
    I think getting buggered against your will is pretty crappy, yeah. Y’know, it being rape and all.

    Also, give the former owner a commendation or something for stepping up so well and so fast. Too bad he sold the business, he seems to be one of the good guys.

  13. denki says:

    Used car salesman are sleazy, but these guys really take the cake and fuck it in the butt.

    This is, in all sincerity, the best sentence I have read/heard so far for 2007. It’s an even better sentence than one I heard last week, “The pregnany test was negative.” Yay!

  14. popeye_doyle says:

    The initial theft is pretty sleazy, but going into the hospital and buying back the car for $1200 is inspired. This guy doesn’t belong in prison–he should be the CEO of H&R Block.

  15. TheUpMyAssPlayers says:

    Consumerist enjoys making me cry. That poor guy! Thank god he got his money back. Where the Fuck is a family member to take care of him?

    I hate humanity in general.

  16. Frost Face says:

    Oh, so did they also file an IRS form 8300 for him?

    Good ol’ old man crazy and his mattress full of 1960’s $5 bills!

  17. Tyler Menezes says:

    Notice that both the videos have been removed for “Terms of Use Violations”? Am I to assume this is another one of those “Haha, I’m going to file a DMCA claim to keep myself from being humiliated on the internet!” sort of things?