United: Use Your Points or We’re Taking Them Back

United, in another step in what seems to be a plan to systematically hate their customers, has announced that unless you use your “Milage Plus” account every 18 months, you’ll lose it. From Cheapflights:

    “This change makes our Mileage Plus program better for customers who are most loyal to United, reduces our operating costs, and brings our program in line with major competitors,” said Dennis Cary, United’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing.

    “We offer several ways our customers can easily stay active in our Mileage Plus program and enjoy the benefits that come with earning and redeeming miles with United.”

To keep your account active, you don’t necessarily need to buy a new flight, you can also get a Visa card or redeem miles, among other transactions.—MEGHANN MARCO

Mileage Plus accounts will expire soon, United warns [Cheapflights]

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