The Big Box Project

Conor writes in to tell us about his “Big Box Project,” wherein he is trying to raise enough money to send a shipping container to Microsoft. And what will be in this shipping container? Conor’s broken Xbox. Yes, Conor is angry.

    This site is a result of my customer service experience with the Microsoft Xbox 360 support/repair team. My 360 failed for the second time in 6 months but this time the service has changed… without warning. According to their “highest tiered” phone agent, Microsoft has exercised their “right to change the terms and conditions” of my warranty without notification. Upon first failure I received an empty box in the mail to return the damaged goods in, shipping covered. This time the cost of shipping falls upon me and, apparently, there is no other option. I pressed and pressed and pleaded my case but I was assured there are no exceptions. Well, since they can’t help me out and cover the cost of an empty box, they are going to be receiving and returning the biggest damn box they have ever seen. I won’t spend 15 dollars but I’ll spend 15,000 dollars to prove my point and expose their conniving ways.

    The highlights of my conversation with the service agent are clearly laid out at the website mentioned above. Donations are much appreciated.

We’re not sure this is the best possible use of your “donation” money, but we have to give him credit for being creative. —MEGHANN MARCO

Big Box Project

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