Poll Results: Why You Want To Cancel Your Cellphone

Yesterday, we asked why our readers wanted to get out their cellphone contract without paying early termination fee so bad.

You would think that value-driven choices, such as cheaper or more reliable network would lead the pack. Instead, it looks like people hate cellphone companies so much that, “to punish current provider” takes the lead.

This is a wakeup call, cellphone companies. Your customers hate you. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. Anonymously says:

    I also hate landline telcos, rebate companies, and cable providers. I hate them so much that I’d give my left spleen to make them play Seven Minutes In Heaven with Charo. …yet I keep paying them….

  2. grant0 says:

    This is not so surprising considering that Consumerist is devoted (or a lot of it is) to customers getting revenge, and so I suppose it attracts vengeful people like myself. PUNISH AWAY.

  3. squidhat says:

    I don’t see it as revenge at all in most cases. The majority of the time it seems to be about getting a customer through the transaction in a manner that leaves them feeling as though they got what they were promised when they began it.

  4. William Mize says:

    I would love to see the Consumerist do (or find) a good review of all those pay as you go with little plastic cards cellphones, like Trac Phone or I think Virgin has one.
    That would be brilliant.

  5. loraksus says:

    You know, hate is sometimes too mild a word.

    “Fucking despise” and “wouldn’t mind if someone went on a murder spree in their call centers and corporate offices” are closer.

    I think a missing option is “So I can just switch to a provider who is honest, doesn’t raise fees mid contract, has customer support that isn’t stoned when I call in and doesn’t have a large amount of billing errors that always are in favor of the cell phone company.”

    Deep down, I think we all know that this doesn’t exist, but we are all a wee bit optimistic and that is why we think the grass is greener on the other side…

  6. Echodork says:

    I have Verizon Wireless. I do not have a problem with Verizon Wireless. I have never had a problem with Verizon Wireless.

    However, my problems with Verizon DSL have been so numerous, so drawn out, and so hair-rippingly frustrating, that I am leaving VW to pursue another provider just to avoid giving Verizon any more of my money.

  7. juri squared says:

    I initially picked the cheaper network option, and then as I researched actually changing my plan, I realized the $100+ bill I get every month from Cingular is actually the cheapest (for two phones on the lowest amount of minutes available). That hurts. Now I just want to punish them. :D

  8. The Unicorn says:

    I think the cellphone folks are actually getting wise to how frustrated many of their customers are. I called Sprint yesterday to get them to cancel — and refund — the $15/month I had been unwittingly paying for a PCS Vision Package, & that was so painless (as it should’ve been, but still) that I decided to try & get them to refund the $36 I was charged to activate my new phone. The rep on the phone did that cheerfully as well, & the entire call was as hassle-free as it could’ve possibly been.

    Granted, that’s what one should expect from their cellphone provider, but it was nevertheless a nice departure from some of the nightmarish Sprint CSS experiences I’ve had in the past. I actually just called them again today to take care of an issue my boyfriend had been fighting them with, and that was handled smoothly as well. Maybe they’re actually learning?

    I also want to mention that both of the Sprint reps I’ve talked to recently did have accents suggesting they were in an overseas call center — which I only point out as a counterpoint to all the complaints that get directed at the sub-continental customer service workforce.

  9. GenXCub says:

    The one thing that has been acknowledged on here before is that we, on consumerist, rarely find ANY company that is completely reputable. Any company will have plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t use them, and that is a problem. We may hate our cell providers so much that we think we’re punishing them to switch, but we’re just joining up with another scumbag company. It’s a shell game, which is ultimately not helpful.

    If we were to post a poll of “If you absolutely HAD to take one of these providers, which one would you take?” One would get the most votes, followed by a comment screen full of reasons why NOT to take it.

    I wonder if someone could dig up Brownlee’s number and find out if that attitude is as pervasive in Europe, because that’s how I perceive most americans feel.