T-Mobile: Wanting to Buy Stuff From Us Is Fraud

Who knew that wanting to buy a whole bunch of crap from T-mobile was fraud? Reader Christine writes:

i am sooo pissed off at t-mobile. over a year ago i had purchased several items on t-mobiles website. i guess i had started to purchase too much and they said that it was suspicious activity and would not ship my items. i then proceeded to use my husbands credit card thinking that they would ship using his card. nope.

it was in the system by address and not name or credit card. my account/purchases were sent to the fraud department (who never contacted me). they have never refunded his credit card for 156.00. i called them repeatedly and they said to fax a copy of his bank statement so that they could see that he was never refunded. i did this three times. its been over a year.

it happend in nov of 05. we still have yet to see this refund. i also had a heck of a time getting MY money back from them, they took their sweet time.

It’s probably time for Christine to get her husband’s credit card company involved in this. Waiting a year probably wasn’t the best idea, but it’s never too late until it is, right?

So, what’s going on with your Fraud department, T-Mobile? Christine tells us she wants a Sidekick 3, why not sell her one?—MEGHANN MARCO