How To: Upgrade to Windows Vista

Let’s face it, you must want those semi-transparent windows or whatever, because they keep showing them to us. Look, look, “special windows!” Ok, awesome. But how do you get Vista onto your Windows XP machine? Can you even upgrade? Will your computer even run it?

Lifehacker points us to ExtremeTech. They’ve got answers to these questions and more, and we’ll remind those of you who got a new computer over the holidays…you might be eligible for a free or discounted copy of Vista. Yay?—MEGHANN MARCO

Upgrade from Windows XP to Vista [ExtremeTech via Lifehacker] [photo: likeyesterday]


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  1. Metschick says:

    Let’s face it, you must want those semi-transparent windows or whatever, because they keep showing them to us. Look, look, “special windows!”

    You totally just described me!

  2. The best way to upgrade to Vista, is NOT to upgrade to Vista.

    Don’t be a sucker, stay with XP or go Mac or Linux.

  3. magellan says:

    There will be millions of people curled up in a ball in the corner crying. I suggest the old disaster drill technique. Go under your desk and put your head between your legs.

  4. Anonymous says:


    > “The best way to upgrade to Vista, is NOT to upgrade to Vista.”

    Nah. The best way to NOT upgrade to Vista is to not upgrade to Vista. The best way to upgrade to Vista is to upgrade to Vista.

    You know, kinda by definition.

    Back in the real world, the Extremetech article was excellent. Avoided giving us either pro-MS marketing babble or anti-MS ranting; just well-informed and factual. Good source.

  5. Papa K says:

    From what I’m reading about Vista, it’s a suicide note of security and user issues.

    I’ll wait until it’s less of a strangulation hazard.

  6. kenposan says:

    Is there a real reason, other than aesthetics, to upgrade to Vista? Not that I plan to, I am happy with XP.

  7. Anonymous says:


    If that was an actual rather than a rhetorical question, Wikipaedia’s always a good source:

  8. Marvin! says:

    Unfortunately for the vast majority of laptop users, upgrading is not really an option, since most laptops, PC’s, out there don’t support the translucency effects on Vista.
    Intel, being the leading embedded graphic chip maker in the world, has refused to update some of their drivers to support this feature. namely, the intel 915 chipset, which are STILL being sold today don’t support it.
    i started an online petition, with more than 1000 signatures right now for this.

  9. speech recognition, speech synthesis

    As a technical support agent, I fear the day that vista upgrade rolls out. I dont know if anyone else has worked in the support industry but a brand new operating system just means that you have to reteach the whole country how to use their operating systems. Maybe I’m just being a pussy. I still think I will take a short vacation during the first few weeks that Vista hits the consumer market.

    I’m amazed that speech recognition and speech synthesis are selling points of this
    o/s. Both funtions hit the market at an operational level with OS/2 and Amiga OS respectively. What was that? 20 years ago?

    I like how microsoft has taken their cue from google and named the applications for their functions.

    I’m still concerned about the upgrade though. Tech support nightmare, I’m sure.

  10. I’m a sysadmin. I’ve got people who think that they are tech savvy who will be getting new laptops in the next few months (Q1 budgets are huge around here). They keep asking me if they will get Vista. I keep telling them flat out no. When they ask me why I put on my >8-( face and tell them that it will cause me to hang myself. They laugh, until they see that I’m serious, then they sulk away.

  11. LeopardSeal says:

    If you want “fancy” Windows, just buy a copy of WinBlinds:

    One licence allows you to use it on multiple computers you own.

    It allows you to use all kinds of crazy skins for Windows, and as a plus you get to avoid the crippling DRM’s and bugs of Vista too!

  12. odoketa says:

    You might be -eligible- for a free copy of Vista after buying a new PC, but actually claiming it might prove more difficult than you expect. I’ve been going back and forth for more than a week with MS’s hired henchmen trying to get the upgrade. Seems MS didn’t give them a complete database of COA numbers (or they screwed it up) and so I get to play ‘blame the other vendor’. I’d be interested to hear if others are also having this problem.