Boy, 9, Sneaks On A Plane to Texas

How did a 9 year old boy get from Washington state to San Antonio, TX? By sneaking onto two Southwest Airlines flights.

    Police in Lakewood, Washington, say the boy (Semaj Booker) has a history of stealing cars and running away from home. He was apparently trying to get to Dallas, where his grandfather lives, and where the boy himself used to live. But he came up short, only getting as far as San Antonio after hopping two separate flights.

    Police say he apparently found a Southwest Airlines boarding card and made it through airport security.

We don’t know about you, but we were not this savvy when we were 9. History of stealing cars? How do you have a history of anything when you are 9? Anyway, way to go airport security.—MEGHANN MARCO

Boy, 9, sneaks on to plane [Tampa 10]