Reach Samsung Executive Customer Service

1-800-SAMSUNG not doing it for you?

Try calling Samsung Customer Care at 1-800-747-5618.

Update 21 January 2009: also try this number to reach “Executive Customer Relations” (ECR) : 1-800-522-7341


Thanks to Trevor!


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  1. bluegus32 says:

    Out of curiosity, are you guys keeping a master list of executive customer service numbers? It would be awesome if you guys had a link to such a list somewhere on the site.

    Or am I missing it?

  2. KesCaesar says:

    I’ve never had a problem with Samsung… Have there been horror-stories I haven’t heard about?
    I’ve had a Samsung cell for a year now, and I *adore* it… I was also thinking of buying a tv from them this weekend, so I guess it’s better to ‘have and not need’ this number, just in case. :)

  3. rubbercow says:


    I’ve been dealing with Samsung’s Executive Customer Relations since January 4th, they constantly tell me they’ll call me back, and never do. Also, they appear to be no more helpful than regular support. They are the next level up from the direct line you’ve provided. They can be reached directly at: 1-800-522-7341



    Actually yes, I’ve been fighting with them for nearly two months over a faulty Samsung plasma. They admit it is broken, but won’t replace it. Evidently high pitch buzzing and flickering are common problems.

    You can see a video of the problem, at:

    Here are tons of other people with the same problems:

    Or, search google for ‘samsung plasma buzzing’ (no quotes).

    You might consider the Pioneer Elite or the new black trimmed Panasonic line. Good luck!

  4. EDMELA says:


    I bought a SAMSUNG refrigerator three years ago and now the compressor went bad on it. The warranty covers the compressor for five years and their mainenance contractor (Appliance Doctor ) came to the house and verified that it was the compressor and told me it will take 5 to 7 days max to get the part and both the part and labor would be covered under the warranty and it would not cost me a penny. After 7 days I called and was told that tha part had arrived and a date was set for the maintenance man to come and install it for which I took a day off from work. One hour before the set time I was told that the part was defective and they will order a new part. I tried to have them ship it by “Overnight” means but they said it would cost an additional $50. and the Appliance Doctor would not pay for it, but they would ship it “priority” and call me immediately to set up another installation date. So I waited and waited and finally I called them to check on the status and was told the part is out of stock and they have no idea when it will be available.

    My first call to SAMSUNG was on January 22. All this time I was without the refrigirator! so they agreed to give me a new unit which could be delivered by next week which I thought was very nice of them. This was done by the SAMSUNG custumer service department and a guy who said his name was Saade told me the paperwork for the replacement was filed on 2/12/07. So I waited and waited and called to check on the status and found out that no such paperwork had been filed. So I took it one step higher to SAMSUNG Excecutive Customer Relationship. And here came the real kicker, they said they will file the paperwork with BestBuy BUT I had to pay the difference between the depreciated value of my refrigerator and the new one and its all between me and the BestBuy. So what good does the warranty do me? Zilch! It seems to me that SAMSUNG should pay for the difference,there is nothing in their warranty that says repairs or replacements are prorated.

    Perhaps the most annoying thing about this whole ordeal is that not once did SAMSUNG call me to inform me of the latest status and everytime I call them I have to wait on the line for an hour to speak to “the first available representative” who has no idea what has transpired and everytime I asked for someone to call me back they never did, not once.
    Can anyone give me some advice on where I can go next or take it to a higher level?

  5. Glahes says:

    Im not sure on refrigerators, but as far as ECR (executive customer relations) goes.. the numbers you all are listing must be specific to individuals within ECR.

    A hint.. when you talk to someone in ECR, Always ask for a first name, and write it down. If their name is Ken.. might as well hang up and call back.

    Edmela, I do not know much about that side of samsung (refridgerators), but I may be able to help.

    And rubbercow, I do know that side of samsung (TVs) so this goes for you as well.

    post here, or message your transaction number to me:

    Aol Instant Messenger: glahes
    Yahoo messenger: Aerikrahl

    I may be able to help.

    A few things to keep in mind, though. when talking to bottom level customer support. They are limited. Most don’t care, true. But the ones that do are limited and have to learn to work the system. You have to ask the right questions to the right people to get them to look at the obvious and actually get something done for the people calling in.

    And as far as samsung goes.. if you feel rushed off the phone.. know that it may not be that they dont care, but that their job is at stake if they dont get you off the phone fast enough.
    So if someone chooses their job over your tv or your dvd player, dont have a grudge with them. Not with individuals. Just begrudge Samsung.

  6. algorhythm says:

    My experience with Samsung’s ECS thus far has been similarly dismal. My $1400 fridge broke a week ago (compressor). Their local svc center charged me $68 to confirm it was broken, promised to set up a repair and call me with the date. They never called me back; I had to keep leaving messages during business hours. When I finally reached them, I got “have we already been to your house?”
    They then told me the part is back-ordered, would take 2-3 weeks, and no, there was no option for expedited shipping. When I expressed my displeasure they suggested I call Samsung’s ECS.
    After holding for 65minues the sympathetic (but clearly not empowered to help) rep told me my only other alternative was to apply for a refund. I was advised to fax in my receipt and they would “consider” my request….said consideration would take 4-6 weeks.
    Meanwhile my family of four has no refrigerator.
    I’ve written a letter of complaint to their Office of the President (400 Valley Rd, Ste 201, Mt Arlington, NJ 07856). I’ll let you know if anyone actually responds.

  7. mikevgt says:

    @rubbercow: We have been dealing with the same issue, buzzing and flickering Samsung model 5053, and no luck yet. ECR don’t ever call back, and they have sent 2 different techs 3 times each with no fix. All boards have been replaced, and it still sounds like a neon sign. Let’s stay in touch and compare notes.

    The latest is that they expect us to provide invoices for each tech visit. Problem is that the techs never leave an invoice, and instead file them wiht Samsung.

    I just want a new TV!!!!

  8. beverlypea says:

    I have been dealing with Samsung since August 24th. I, too have a fridge with a bad compressor. I get told something different everytime I call. I paid $100 to a company they referred me to for the repair to diagnose the problem. Then they insisted that Samsung only replaces the fridge if it’s the compressor and that I should deal with them. Samsung said “no, we replace the compressor”. So they gave me a transaction number and said they sent the paperwork to the repair shop. After a week of hearing nothing, I called and was told that the transaction number was bad and that the part was out of stock indefinitely. I called Samsung immediately and was told that the part WAS available and the number was good. They said they would call the shop and straighten it out. A week later, I called and they said that they had not heard anything. I called Samsung (see a pattern here?) and they said they had referred it to another non-authorized shop for repair. Today, I called that shop and they said they wouldn’t do it because Samsung paid too little for the work to be done. I called Samsung back and they said they were, once again, looking for another shop to “authorize” to do the work. It would take 7 days. I pleaded to talk to someone who could actually get something done. She offered to move me “up the priority code level”. So, a month of calling like a maniac has yielded nothing. Judging by the previous posts, I’ve pretty much lost hope. Does anyone know of anyone who has actually had their compressor replaced? I bought it at Costco 2.5 years ago and paid for it with AMEX. I may try calling them for suggestions. Surely it won’t take some kind of legal nudge will it?

  9. BuzzAndWoody says:

    @KesCaesar: I too have been dealing with “The EXECUTIVES” at Samsung since January 9th. I bought a 32″ LNT-3253 LCD from Butterfly Photo, and being the smart guy that I am (not!!(PC Repair Tech), I opted to pay the $100.00 for next day shipping (which took 5 days by the way) instead of buying the Extended Warranty. I personally own Sammy’s BLU-RAY Player, a digital camera, and 2 cell phones of theirs, and I love each and every one in their own little way. That factor alone, conquered all standard reasoning and replaced it with, “Hmmm, if I pay for faster shipping, that lessens the chances of it being DAMAGED by Fed Ex. Like that mattered.
    I inspected the box upon delivery, just as I was told to do by the salesman at Butterfly. No apparent damage to the box…I’m in good shape!! I unpack my sleek new piece of Wall art, secure it in the enclosed stand to give it a workout before I hang it. As soon as I plug it in and push the power button, SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEAL!!!!! The most annoying squeal begins to emanate from the TV. Did I hook something up wrong?? Surely not!! I repair PC’s for a living. I think I can hook up a TV. I turn it off, unhook everything, unplug it and wait about 10 minutes before trying again. Same thing. Unplug it again (forehead begins to perspire now), wait another 10, plug it back in (power only this time), and get the same noise.
    So, now what? I call Butterfly and just as I expected, I’m told it’s my baby and I better contact Samsung. I call Samsung and the first tech I talk to has me do the same unplug/plug routine that I already did with the same outcome. So, now the tech says he’s setting me up for repair, and I’m told that a tech from the repair center will be contacting me within 48 hours. Thursday…Friday…SATURDAY…SUNDAY…MONDAY, still no call from anyone. I call the handy little 800-SAMSUNG again, and this time the tech gives me the name and number of the repair center, and connected me to them as well. The woman that answers (we became close friends…He, He, He!) tels me that my repair request had been received and that a tech will be calling to schedule an in-house look/see. A week later…no phone call yet. I decide to call the repair center back to see what’s going on, and the answer I got was, “We have ordered your part and it will be here in 3-5 days.” Another long week later, no phone call from anyone, so I call the repair shop (again). This time, I’m told the part has not come in, and would be there in a day or two. A week later…nothing. Call the repair center twice a week for A MONTH only to be told the exact same thing…”The part will be here in a day or two.” Back to 800-SAMSUNG. This time, I’m sent to Executive Customer Relations. O.K., now we’re getting somewhere!!! “The EXECUTIVES”, as I will call them from now on, seemed to be very helpful. They called the repair center while I was on hold, and were told the exact same thing that I was. “The EXECUTIVE” I was talking to at the time did say that if I gave the repair center this one last chance to make it right and it did not happen, then I could request an exchange. I wait another week. Nothing. I call “The EXECUTIVES” again, and this time the woman I speak with submits a Request for Exchange. She then tells me that it takes up to 48 hours for the Request to be processed and approved, but that I shouldn’t worry because every request she has ever submitted was approved. She gave me the estimated date of delivery (3 BUSINESS WEEKS!!!) and how it would arrive. YIPPEE!!! I am finally getting what I paid my hard-earned money for…a beautiful piece of electronic wall art!!!
    February 18th (Presidents Day). I have a voicemail. ??? It’s Jackie, one of “The EXECUTIVES” calling to inform me that my Request for Exchange was denied because the part came in on February 11th. Really? No one told me? So, I call back to speak with “The EXECUTIVES” again. This time, it seems like policy at 800-SAMSUNG has changed. Every peon that answered the phone INSISTED on getting all of my personal information and attempting to assist me with my problem BEFORE they would even transfer me to “The EXECUTIVES”. I ask to speak to one of the peons supervisors, and was told by BRUCE THE PEON that there was no supervisor. Click…Hang up. HE HUNG UP ON ME!!! Call back. JOHN THE PEON asks for all of my info again and tells me he won’t transfer me anywhere until I give him my personal info AGAIN, and when he transfers me to “The EXECUTIVES”, as soon as the call is connected, click. Hang up. Call back. Another refusal to transfer. Click. Call again, finally, I get transferred straight through with no hassle. This time, CAROLYN, “The EXECUTIVE”, pretty much starts off by telling me I’m screwed. Then, God, Allah, or some supernatural being entered her heart and she did a 180. She called the notorious repair center again (with me on hold) and she’s told that the wrong part came in twice and now the part I need is on backorder. BACK TO THE INFAMOUS PART AGAIN!!! WHAT PART!!! NO ONE HAS EVEN LOOKED AT MY TV OR ASKED WHAT EXACTLY WAS WRONG WITH IT. Maybe the original report sent from Samsung to the repair center said what was going on, be come on. I fix computers for a living. If I have a work order in front of me saying, COMPUTER WON’T TURN ON, I can’t just say, “Oh, I’ll just order a Power Supply and that will be the end of that. What if the motherboard is fried? A Power connector slipped loose? Video Card Shot? Anyway, “The EXECUTIVE” seemed to get the drift and put in another Request for Exchange.
    So, nearly 2 months after I ordered my beautiful new television, here I sit with a huge cardboard box in the corner of my place that contains $1,000 in worthless plastic. Waiting for yet another denial for exchange. I wonder what excuse they will concoct this time around.
    To date, I have spoke with John, Jim, Bruce, Jackie, Carolyn, and at least 8 more that I can’t remember off hand. Every one of these people have done little or nothing to help get what is due to me. All I want is a working TV! Makes me miss the big console TV my parents had for 15 years with only one CHEAP service call. Screw High Def!!! Give me a Nintendo to blow in and a 27″ Magnavox to smack on the side to stop the vertical scrolling of the picture ANY DAY!!!
    Now, we spend $700.00 on a video game system, an extra controller, and a few games just so we can have it go dead a month later. When did this become acceptable practice? I don’t know about the rest of you, but I don’t have a grand laying around to flush down the toilet. And to those of you that spent 3 times as much only to experience my same dilemma, my heart bleeds for you as well.
    I think those that have been wronged by Samsung’s warranty policies should all band together and file a Class Action Suit. I’m not entirely sure how many it takes to file (I believe it’s 6 or 7), but it should be no problem to find enough considering that when you type “Samsung – Executive Customer Relations” in to Google, you get 53,700 hits and every one I looked at was a complaint of some sort.
    So, PLEASE, all of you scorned by Samsung, contact me or point me in the right direction to pending legal action against Samsung (if it exists). Something needs to be done about this. These TV’s cost as much as some used cars. If you buy one that’s broken and actually HAVE the option of returning it, you are subject to a restocking fee of 15% or greater, plus return shipping charges (if applicable). THAT IS B.S. 15% $3,000.00 is $450.00, which you the CONSUMER are responsible for because you were dumb enough to buy a new TV. Great world we live in. Makes me wonder what kind of world my 2 1/2 year old boy will be living in.

  10. BuzzAndWoody says:

    @BuzzAndWoody: UPDATE…Second Request For Exchange was DENIED AGAIN!!!! Reason: Part in stock. “The EXECUTIVES” called to check on this mysterious part…not availble. I NEED HELP PLEASE!!!

  11. EdgarCPoone says:

    Here is another story to add to the saga of Samsung refrigerators with failed compressors. I purchased the refrigerator through the local Best Buy store. The compressor failed at five years and one month from the dated sales receipt from Best Buy; however I have a copy of the warranty card that I mailed to Samsung that stated that by completing the card the warranty would be extended by three months which should put my repair request well with in the warranty period. I have had a number of phone conversations with the standard level customer service folks and they now refer me directly to their Executive Customer Service people. Both levels of customer service have gone to great lengths to pursue every minute detail or exception to deny my warranty claim. The last and apparently final rejection is based on the lack of serial number on the appliance. In spite of a dated sales receipt from Best Buy indicating that it was purchased as a new, first line merchandise the Samsung people imply that I must have bought the item as used or perhaps built the appliance in my spare time in my garage and am now try to stick it to Samsung for repair. The customer service folks have also become very condescending implying that I am lacking in intelligence and just do not know where to look for the serial number. I have examined the appliance inside and out and a refrigeration service technician has looked also and agrees that there is no serial number on the appliance. My opinion is that Samsung bears the responsibility for not proper fastening a serial number sticker on the appliance. The replacement appliance that I purchased (not a Samsung brand by the way) has a permanent sticker on the inside of the appliance and the serial number is also preprinted on the warranty card – now why didn’t Samsung think of that – perhaps a missing serial number is an easy way out to deny warranty coverage on defective appliances. Appliance buys beware of Samsung refrigerators and their poor customer service.

  12. cookyaustinchic says:

    Thank you Glahes, I work in the call center myself. Yes, we do have time limits, though I try for a one call resolution if possible. You know I can’t put my name up here, but I work in the Texas call center. When you call, you get different centers and the training is different in each one. I have seen some tickets that I absolutely cringe to look at. I am very thorough in my notes, and do my best to look out for the customer. That is why I am in ‘Customer Care’. Some of us have forgotten that wihtout the customers we would not have jobs.

  13. SahibaNangified says:

    Comment on Reach Samsung Executive Customer Service I’ve been dealing with Samsung’s Executive Customer Response for several months now.  On Sept. 3 2007 I bought a new Samsung fridge from Best Buy for a house I was renovating to sell.  On November 12, it stopped working.  I was waiting for the repair person, when they called to cancel. Fortunately, I stopped by the house renovation on the way to work to find that the refrigerator had come back to life, and was pouring water onto the new hardwood floor though the water-through-the-door feature.  I managed to turn off the water to the fridge and called the repair people and told them they’d better get someone over there right away.  A guy showed up in 20 minutes (funny how they suddenly had someone available). He determined that the mother board was bad–it took 10 days for the part.   I informed Samsung that I would let the floor dry, and see how badly it was damaged.  If it buckled, as I anticipated, I expected them to pay for the floor.  

    On January 3, the water through the door and icemaker aren’t working.  Repair service 3 days later, another week to get the part.  

    On March 6, the day I’m set to close on the house, I stop by right before closing to get a few last things, only to find that the freezer is entirely frozen up.  ECR informs me that the warranty will not transfer to new owners (should have kept my mouth shut about selling the house), but that as I owned the refrigerator at that moment, they’d send repair people the next day.  Once again, about a week before the part came in. 

    On Feb. 4, Samsung agreed to pay for repairing the floor. As of April 6, I still haven’t seen the check, and was told yesterday it will be another 3 to 4 weeks.

    I think Samsung should either replace the unit, or reimburse me for it.  It’s clearly a lemon.  I’ll try the address that algorythm sent (thank you).  Did I mention I write for a magazine with 14 million readers? Not that that should make a difference.  

    Really, it shouldn’t be this hard to get decent treatment.  Good luck to all of you. 

  14. bilge says:

    Dell monitor breaks: Dell overnights a replacement.
    Samsung monitor breaks: Samsung tells me that it will take 15 business days. Their system shows that the order for a replacement was put in two weeks ago, but nobody can give me an update since then.

    Samsung Group builds fucking oil tankers, but they can’t ship me a monitor in under two weeks.

  15. jag8335 says:

    I have an SC-D363 MiniDV camcorder that is flashing an “Eject D” on the screen. I googled the error and some people reported that they called Samsung and told them the error they were getting. Even though most of their units were out of warranty Samsung extended the maintenance due to it being a “known” issue. I called Samsung at 1-800-522-7341 on 8/5/2008 and was told that no issue could be found for the sc-d363 and that I could pay $140+ to have it fixed. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told one would call me back in 24-48 hours. I waited 48 hours and never received a call. I have since called a total of 7 times, over the course of 11 days, and not one call back from a supervisor. Can someone please offer me some advise or help on this matter?

  16. KOPIER says:

    WOW!!! I am so scared of what is going to come from Samsung! This is my story – I spent $3700 for a Samsung washer and dryer and had them delivered and installed by Best Buy – THe units are 11 days old and on the 10th of sept. 2008 – My wife calls me at worka nd said the washing machine has a code to call for service on the lcd screen – she asks me to call Best Buy for the service (I did purchase the extended warranty) so she turns of the unit and goes downstairs with our 2 year old. about 20 to 25 minutes later she hears a load “BOOM” and runs upstairs to find the front loading washing machine door swung open and water just gushing out of the unit all over the upstairs – Keep in mind the power button had been impemented and the screend were all of. Bottom line the unit spits water for the next 10 minutes and she doesnt know what to do the unit is OFF – she runs outside and turns off the water main. So no I am trying to get BEst buy to expedite the service call to ASAP and they tell me no one availble untill Thursday – I call Samsung and they dispatch a local authorized repair center – The tech documetns it was a bad water level sensor and a bad Valve also documents a manufacturers defect – I call Samsung to come pick up this piece of sh it and they reply oh no my friend those parts are repairable – I call a water damage restoration crew that proceeds to show me all the damage and start working ASAP because our sons room is effected by the water damage and he has Asthma and allergies – The repair costs are skyrocketing and are at $12000 and counting! the funny thing is that the Best Buy tech had also come aout and documented that the problem was also a manufacturers defect. All of this and Samung Executive Care treat me like I am calling in about a bad channel on my T.V> I can not get them to call me back. I am know looking to call an attorney to help me with this matter. I will not put up with this type of service from the company that I just spent $3700 on there product and has left me with $12k to 20K worth of damage to my home. Please do not support this type of company and let our voices be heard – I am willing to join any class action law suite or any type of action anybody is looking to follow up . THank you

  17. ensignfodder says:

    If I have missed it let me know, but what is the difference between Samsung Executive Customer Service (ECS) and Executive Customer Relations (ECR)?

    I have a problem (link -> []) and I believe I have dealt with both, but which one should I be trying to reach?


  18. Anonymous says:

    If Samsung Customer Service (especially the “Executive” Customer Service) were a racehorse, it’d be taken out behind the barn and shot instantly. It is worthless.

    This group does not help customers; it follows Samsung warranty policies which also need to go the glue factory.

    I bought a soundbar back in Aug ’08, but it never quite worked properly. After having a technician out to mess w/ the settings, he confirmed it was broken and that we should send it in, which we did (after paying $50 to package it). It came back and still didn’t work. The same technician (Samsung certified) came back out, said it was a lemon, and to send it back and demand a new one. We’ve sent it in and have been trying to deal w/ ECS, which is a joke. Repeated requests for “escalation” to their Case Management teams keep getting mysteriously cancelled. As I’ve called them about 50 times over the last few days, now when they get my case number and see my file, half of my calls mysteriously drop.

    So, bottom-line, never buy Samsung. Ever. Unless you want a piece of garbage that doesn’t work.

    But if you do, and need Customer Service, call 1.800.522.7341 and hit option #2. Get some popcorn and possibly a big glass of water, b/c you will be there for a long time. If you happen to make it to a manger, Jose Z., agent #19, couldn’t give a flip about any of your concerns so ask for someone else. Odds are, however, they won’t give a flip either.

  19. hlpimfalling says:

    Do not buy a Samsung television. They have “attempted” to repair the unit around 4 times now, the last company to repair the television said that it could not be fixed. Samsung will not replace the Television, and they cannot repair it. I have at least 10 tickets. I have contacted the BBB. Samsung responded by telling me to call the same people that I have already been talking to, ECR. I bought the television on 8/23/08. It is now 3/25/09. They have repeatedly said a case manager would call me and this has not happened. My most recent call, about 2 min ago, ended with me asking for a supervisor and all of the supervisors being unavailable, again…. They have the worst customer service I have ever experience. DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG EVER.

    • hlpimfalling says:

      @hlpimfalling: I forgot to mention that I am a college student. If I had money I would sue Samsung. I don’t know if anyone can help me, but I am out a significant amount of money because of samsung and my TV has not worked since I have had it (6 months)

  20. Anonymous says:

    I will never buy a Samsung product again. Customer Service is staffed by uncaring robots.
    . They have the worst customer service I have ever experienced. DO NOT BUY A SAMSUNG EVER.

  21. Anonymous says:

    This is a very large school ndistrict. We purchased 24 740N SyncMaster flat screen monitors for a computer lab. Approx 1 yr later they began to fail. Over the next 4 months they had ALL failed.
    Here is the last set of entries in my
    Called in for backlight failure # 24.
    Service request [4003214612]
    I requested a different model as no replacement was available. The agent told me someone would call me back with options.
    Heard nothing.

    3/10/09 called in second time: was told that no replacements were available – they could arrange for repair.
    I again requested a different model as no replacement was available. was put through to customer care.
    Spoke with Joseph. Joseph will return call to my cell with available options….
    Joseph returned my call and said a full refund was an option. This is acceptable.

    3-20-09 Called again and inquired about refund.
    Spoke with Kathy (agent 29) in ECR (Executive Customer Relations)
    She said someone should contact us within 2 business days – Mon or Tue (3-23-09, 3-24-09)

    3/24/09 Kathy called and said there was a hold on the RMA because 3 of the serial numbers did not match up.
    I said probably from the 3 different models they had sent from an incident last summer when I had
    REQUESTED a different model. I said I had the service request numbers if she thought it may help resolve this.
    She asked me to email them to her. – did so 3-25-09

    4/1/09 Called again to inquire status. Spoke with Craig in ECR. He stated that he has requested the returns
    department to put a rush-urgent on getting the “e-labels” emailed to me so we could return the monitors.
    He also said it may take some time as this was a very large return.
    We are responsible for the packaging – they recommend 1 unit per box. As soon as they confirm 24 monitors have
    been received, An overnight check will be sent to me/the school.

    4/7/09 Called again to inquire status. Spoke with Susan in ECR. She stated that issue is now in the returns
    department, which is a different department than the customer relations.
    Also that she would notify her manager and request her involvement. I requested for conformation
    from her manager in either a phone call or an email – today.

    4/8/09 Called again to inquire status. Spoke with Britney in ECR. Was given direct number = 800-522-7341 #2.
    She contacted returns department. The lady she spoke with (in returns) said it was being processed, and did not
    know why it was taking so long, but would call Britney back with an update. Britney in turn said she would call
    me back (hopefully today) with that news.
    Update: As of 4/14 no news.

    4/14/09 Called the direct ECR number (800-522-7341 #2) again to inquire status. Spoke with Phillip agent 35. He
    said “it looks like it was declined in the returns department, let me go investigate”. I related the above
    assuring from the last 4 agents that this (refund) was going to happen and all we were waiting on was return
    labels from the returns department. He came back with the same story as was told on 4/1 and 4/7: The issue
    is in the returns department and that it may take some time as this was a very large return and that it was
    still being processed.

    I asked to speak with his supervisor. He said he would request a callback. I said NO, I’ve
    done this waiting for a callback for 3 weeks and have as yet not received a call back.. I would like a supervisor on the
    line now. He came back 2 minutes later – All supervisors are on other calls and that he would again request one of them
    to call me back by 5:00 today. I requested a call back before 3:00.

    We will NEVER purchase anything from samsung.

  22. CarlVoss says:

    This is a warning to all that are considering purchasing a Samsung TV. Don’t do it.

    I bought a new 60″ Samsung TV in January 2009. It was (and still is) one of the highest rated TV’s on CNET. I loved it.

    However, it stopped working in June 2009 and I immediately reported it to Samsung. The set is well within the warranty period but that hasn’t made one bit of difference.

    After several weeks of waiting, Samsung finally sent parts and contacted a technician to put them into the set. The parts were defective (possibly refurbs) and the tech said new parts would need to be ordered.

    I called Samsung back. I was informed that parts are hard to come by for this set. They offered a much lower quality replacement TV (52″) since they discontinued the 60″ model I purchased. I informed them that wasn’t acceptable. They then offered to refund my money and I said I would take it as I needed the funds to buy a new TV. At this point, Samsung’s “service” turned from terrible to intolerable.

    My case was escalated to a higher level of service. That has been a joke. I have asked to talk to a supervisor on 8 different occasions. I have been placed on hold for more than 20 hours all told. The representatives have told me in each instance that my call would be returned by a supervisor in 24-48 hours. This has never happened. They haven’t returned a single call.

    I’ve used the Samsung online form to email customer service. That site states that each message will receive a reply in 24-48 hours. I have never received even one reply.

    I’ve been given different stories every time I’ve called Samsung support. I’ve been told everything from “it will take 4-6 weeks to get your refund” to “you will receive your refund in 7-14 days” to “your refund has been approved” to “we have no way of knowing when you will receive your refund”. No one at Samsung has offered anything definitive and I don’t know where to turn for help. I only hope others will learn from my experience.

    Before you buy a Samsung TV, read my message and search the internet regarding Samsung Customer Service. I loved the Samsung TV, but it stopped working and couldn’t be fixed. I am now going into a second month with no TV and no refund money to buy a replacement.

    I’ve never seen worse customer service in my life. If you are thinking about purchasing a Samsung TV, don’t do it unless you are 100% certain it will never fail.

  23. marblepops says:

    My Samsung TV of 3 years stopped working today. The TV turns on, but the screen is completely dark. From my internet research, it seems to be a somewhat common problem for this TV.

    I called and Samsung is telling me that there’s nothing they can do because it is out of the 1 year warranty. I’m really upset about this because, at the time, we spent over $2000 for a 40″ LCD TV. Such expensive appliances should not fail in such short periods.

    I don’t really know what to do at this point other than try to contact corporate for an answer. It seems to me that if you charge that much money for a product, you should at least train your CS reps at 1800SAMSUNG to be a little empathetic and empower your reps to authorize a visit by a technician to run a diagnotic test on the TV.

    Not only did we buy ourselves the Samsung, we raved about it to all our friends. When my sister got married last year, I bought her a large Samsung LCD TV for her wedding gift. We have several other Samsung products at home because we thought we liked the quality.

    I am so upset right now, I can’t even think straight.