Get Refunds with Price Protectr

Lifehacker points the way to Price Protectr, a website that “monitors popular online stores for price drops on items you’ve purchased, then notifies you if the price drops at any time during that store’s price protection period.”

It’s the same sort of deal as Refund Please, but Price Protectr monitors store other than Amazon… including BestBuy, Circuit City, Costco, Office Max, Target, etc. Hey, it even keeps an eye on Future Shop (for you Canadians out there.)


Price Protectr [via Lifehacker]


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  1. This sounds like an awesome tool. Has anybody here used it yet? I’d love to hear about experiences with Price Protectr.

    My questions is; at what point does the price difference become profitable enough to go and return an item purchased, to purchase the new one at the lower price? 10 dollars? 20 dollars? more? I do think this could be a great tool for expensive purchases, such as electronics and such.