Cancel Verizon Without A Fee Even If You Have A Txt Msg Plan

Reader Jonathan writes in to tell us how he canceled his Verizon contract without an early termination fee…even though he has a txt messaging plan.

    If you pay close attention, even for text plan-ers the international receive rates are increasing. I had to escalate to a supervisor, but just be strong and polite and it will work out.

We took a closer look at Verizon’s Legal Notice and sure enough! Jonathan is correct. While the price to send an international text will remain the same, receiving one will cost more:

    Effective March 1, 2007, the price for receiving TXT messages from customers of foreign wireless carriers will increase from $0.10 to $0.15 per message.

International Text Messages do not appear to be covered under the messaging packages:

    Q: I subscribe to a messaging package. Will I be affected by the TXT Messaging rate increase?
    A: Customers who do not subscribe to a messaging package will be charged $0.15 per message to send or receive text messages to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico. All customers, regardless of whether they subscribe to a messaging package or not, will be charged $0.15 per message for text messages received from customers of foreign wireless carriers (international text messages).

Go get ’em, kids! For more info on what to tell the Verizon CSR, check out the previous posts.—MEGHANN MARCO

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  1. medalian1 says:

    going to try this tonight on our 4 phone family plan

  2. Meg Marco says:

    Record it and send it to me! (If that’s legal where you are.)

  3. bluegus32 says:

    Out of curiosity, anybody know why text message rates are going up? It’s not like it’s costing the carrier more. Is this just because text message use has gone up dramatically in the last few years?

  4. phaedrus420 says:

    What about if I want to keep my old phone number?

    What is the order of operations here? Open new Cingular account first? or cancel Verizon first? I want the BlackJack (you can keep your iPhones).

    I so want to escape the cruel Verizon/Razr regime, but I want to keep my phone number.

  5. Supply/Demand Bluegus. The demand is up so the argument is the consumers can supply more money for the service they demand.

    Yea, adam smith now hates me.

  6. Tony C says:

    Yep… I’m sure the carriers are justifying the price increases by saying that they need to constantly upgrade their systems and infrastructure in order to accommodate the amount of increased network traffic that SMS generates.

    All a load of crap, yes, but anyone who already uses text messaging enough will not really worry about the change. Not like it’ll affect anyone’s texting habits. Or they’ll be adding/upgrading one of the text packages to their voice plan. Either way, easy money for the mobile providers.

  7. Baz says:

    Really stupid question here: What happens when you “get let out of” a contract with a carrier? Can you keep your existing number and just be on a month-to-month contract? Is it possible to cancel a Verizon contract and then port over to another carrier?

    total newb here…


  8. Falconfire says:

    ? Can you keep your existing number and just be on a month-to-month contract? Is it possible to cancel a Verizon contract and then port over to another carrier?

    no and yes. Odds are Verizon would never allow a per-month contract with you, simply because they work in 1 and 2 year intervals with a different type of account (and phone) for their pay as you go type plans (which are what per month plans pretty much are these days)

    but by law they are required to port your number over, though almost all of them tack a bullshit “punishment” charge on it to punish you for exercising you right to a better price.

  9. Kromem says:

    bluegus32: it’s because they want to force users onto their txt messaging plans. it’s also the reason the iPhone doesn’t have support for AIM or iChat. Because to use the chat features, you’ll have to sign up for a txt messaging plan.

    Wireless carriers are like ISPs on crack.

  10. LS1Andrew says:

    How long can you wait to get out of a contract with them? Will I be able to use this to get out of my Verizon contract in a few months?

  11. bignate27 says:

    I got it done tonight. I called in, took the first person’s name and extension. I read the piece off of the website and then the piece from the contract and requested a supervisor. I got the supervisor and got her name and extension then read her the same stuff. She shocked me by saying ok. My contract terminates at the end of this billing month Feb 16th. I have 30 days after that to port my number to another company or sign a new contract with verizon.

  12. Antediluvian says:

    We’re currently on an expired contract and are just letting it slide while we evaluate our options. The husband wants to switch to another carrier, I’m reasonably pleased w/ Verizon’s coverage (more or less). I keep breaking my flip / clamshell phones (busted hinges, pretty consistently lately), and have taken to mooching old phones off Verizon users who’ve upgraded and kept the equipment. He wants a new phone that’s not limited by Verizon’s crippling of useful features (like google maps, java, etc).

    Anyway, like I said, we’re contractless at the moment and enjoying it. We also drop huge money to them because we’re on a family plan w/ like 2000 minutes of peak usage.

  13. bobjr94 says:

    They would not let me cancel, even though I did not have a text plan. They said if I do not text anymore it will not be a problem, there for I can not cancel. I text ferquently and they said thats up to me and I can not use that service. It does not matter what there agreement says.

    Since talking to the rep and supervisor and hearing them twist there agreement around I filed a complaint yesterday with out states attorney getneral’s office.

  14. zedsls says:

    This did not work for me either.

  15. aquamls says:

    If I call and get my cancellation fee waived, then what about my security deposit? Will I get that back? Or am I out a few hundred dollars?

  16. fredriclight says:

    I tried this and was told that text messaging was NOT part of the contract. If I didn’t want to pay the extra $$, they could just BLOCK text messaging from my account. But since it’s a separate service and not part of the contract, I could not cancel without a penalty.

  17. Yakillme says:

    I called Verizon yesterday about this issue and also about my phones, 3 times. They would keep roadblocking me and offer to waive the fees, I could cancel but they would still charge. I declined the offer and kept stating what the Customer Agreement said. My talk fell on deaf ears and they didn’t care. I’ve gone through 5 phones in my first year on contract, different problems with each one. So with the phone issues I’ve had and the increase of the Administrative fee, enough was enough. I sent emails the vp of customer service and her assist, with no response. This morning I went on the verizon wireless website and emailed them the exact email to the customer service vp. Within 2hrs, I recieved a phone call from Larry Pickett, Executive Relations Representative, about all of my issues. He did understand what I was stating and reason for concern, but he wouldn’t let me end the contract with no ETF fee either. So after about 30min, we agreed on something. I got the fees waived for rest of contract, 100 minutes for the next 6 months for both of my lines, a new LG9900 with all accessories, and a credit for all the stuff I purchased with my orginal phone I had in the start of my contract (Started with LG8100, now have LG8300). Even tho it didn’t get what I orginally wanted, I got more than the lady yesterday was gonna give me. Now I don’t have to go out and spend more money on another contract or phones. My wife now wants me to see if I can get her phone upgraded for free too..I’ll let you know if it happends

  18. killa420 says:

    I recently broke my phone and have a month left on my contract with verizon. I went in to the store and talked to one of the representatives to see if I could cancel my contract because I didn’t want to pay for a new phone because I wanted to change to Sprint. I thought that it would not be a big deal because I only had a month left on my contract. The only solution the person had for me was to pay $50 dollars for a phone that I would get through the insurance company. I did not want to do this because I was definetaly going to Sprint and did not want to pay $50 for a phone that I would use for a month. After he told me that was all I could do I brought up the fact that they recently raised the cost for text messaging and that had an adverse effect on my bill and I have the right to cancel my contract because of that (I have a 250 text package). The person proceeded to tell me that there was a national increase to text messaging nationwide. I told him that it specifically stated in my user agreement that I had the right to cancel my contract without any early termination fee if an increase in service costs adversly affected my bill. He continued to argue with me until I pulled up the My Account page on their in-store computer and pointed out the part that specifically stated that I had the right to cancel my contract without an early termination fee if a rate increase adversly affected my bill. After I showed him the user agreement he still argued with me and told me that a 5 cent increase would not adversly affect my bill. I explained to him that it was a 50% increase and that would have an adverse affect on my bill. He responded with looking up my bill and telling me that I had never went over my limit in text messages and that the increase did not adversly affect my bill. I told him that if I went over my texts in the future then it would adversly affect my bill. He did not know what to say and that is when I asked to talk to his supervisor. He went and got his supervisor and the supervisor came out and asked me for my phone number and said everything would be taken care of and I could cancel my service without an early termination fee. THANK GOD. I have the comments on the Consumerist’s website to thank for this because I would have had to pay $50 for a phone that I would have used for one month if I did not know about the increase in text messaging costs and also the fact that I could cancel my contract if any increase in service would adversly affect my bill. If anyone has the same problem or just wants to get out of their contract and has a text plan just do exactly what I did and you will have no problem.

  19. jngeorge says:

    THANK YOU! Read website this morning for the first time. Called Verizon to cancel my 4 lines without early termination fees due to the price increases for txt messaging and adminIstration fees. Talked to a man who put me on hold twice and then came back and told me it would be done and let me schedule my terminations for tomorrow at 5:00pm before he leaves for the day. That was so easy, he took me off guard when he wanted to cancel it today and I was not really ready, as these our business phones. I figured I would have to spend a couple of days arguing…but..thank you so much, you just saved me $700.

  20. LMB says:

    I”m happy to report that eventhough a)it took me an hour and a half b)I subscribe to a text message plan c)I have never previously used international text messaging d) it’s well past the 60 day period after receiving the notice, I have just successfully been released from my contract without a termination fee based on the changes that Verizon made on the international texting.

    I told them my family is moving overseas (true) and that I do have a long history of using text messaging (true) and that I never received any notice (untrue) It took me 4 different people and two different phone calls,b ut I’m free!