H&R Block’s Freudian Slip

The Consumerist has its fair share of typos, but at least we don’t make them in a fixed medium.

Glen sends this scan from a glossy, full-color 8.5×11 ad insert for H&R Block in this past weekend’s Provo Daily Herald newspaper in Utah:

“It’s estimated Americans overpaid their taxes by nearly a billion dollars.* Don’t be one of them. H&R Block will get you the maximum refund you’re entitled to, or your tax preparation is FREE. So every dollar you’ve earned is where it belongs. In our pocket.” (emphasis added).

Guess they need the extra bucks to hire copy editors. — BEN POPKEN


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  1. BareFeet says:

    oh my god, i’m just thrilled that they’re being honest for once. it’s a new frontier in truth in advertising.

    also, does the line “we get you everything you deserve” read as vaguely menacing to anyone else?

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahah someone is getting CANNED. hahaha

  3. Hellblazer says:

    pfblueprint nailed it. No extra money to pay copy editors will be required, because they’re currently down one. This is almost certainly a national ad, and if not it’s at the very least a major-market campaign. I guarantee somebody lost their job for letting that one slip by.

  4. kerry says:

    Yeah, this is freaking awesome. They get everything you deserve, and put it in their pocket. Truth in advertising! Woo!
    Refund loans are almost as bad as payday loans.

  5. Hellblazer says:

    Closing my bold tag. Sorry about that :-(

  6. Angiol says:

    And that’s why you don’t rely on Microsoft Word’s spellchecker.

  7. Scazza says:

    Oh man, thats just freaking beautiful… come on, thats an awesome laugh… I think this year I will be going to H&R… (I usually do my taxes with software anyway)

  8. Mumbly Joe says:

    I would bet no one gets canned — speaking of National Ads with Mistakes, their new slogan (trademarked, by the way) is:

    “You Got People”

    um, it’s “You’ve”, H&R Block.

  9. kerry says:

    I think they’re trying to be “folksy” with the “You Got People”/”I Got People” stuff. (also closing the bold tag.)

  10. NeoteriX says:

    Wasn’t HR Block sued by a state Attorney General last year for causing folks to lose money when they would leave their return with HR Block (resulting in a loss via depreciation since no interest accrued)

  11. Xkeeper says:

    hahaha, oh GOD.

    That’s the best typo ever!

  12. Citron says:

    Hahahaha! That is awesome.