AT&T Will Sell $20 “Naked” DSL

In the coming months AT&T will sell stand-alone, or “naked,” DSL service for $19.95. Currently, AT&T charges $45 for broadband if you don’t purchase any other bundled services. If you purchase DSL and phone from AT&T, it’s only $28, a deliberate attempt to preserve their phone business and limit consumer choice.

The deal doesn’t come from a sudden bolt of generosity from Ma Bell’s heart. In order to get its purchase of BellSouth approved by the FCC, AT&T agreed to offer naked DSL.

Perhaps this will help push other telcos and cable companies to offer reduced rates as well, lest what they cloak themselves in suddenly look like the sort of new clothes an emperor might wear. — BEN POPKEN

AT&T to offer $20 ‘naked’ DSL service [USA TODAY]


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  1. You can get it from Verizon, and have been for awhile. I buy 3.0 naked DSL from a local ISP who wholesales via Verizon. $40 a month or $20 for lower speeds. I find it worth it.

  2. Citron says:

    We’re paying about $60/month for cable internet from Comcast because we don’t have their stupid cable or their stupid phone service.

    God, I hate Comcast. The tech had tar all over his shoes and walked on and stained the hell out of my awesome white rug during installation, too. Ass. That tar never came out.

  3. What I want to know, is WHEN. What extra fees are involved, and what kind of contract length, and can I replace my current contact of phone+id+vmail=6mbps DSL.

  4. “What extra fees are involved”

    Doubtless the line fee, which continues to screw me.

  5. juri squared says:

    Thank God. I honestly believe bundling like that should be illegal.

  6. AcilletaM says:

    AT$T also have to honor the “net neutrality” stuff for 2 years as part of the deal.

  7. nan says:

    Qwest has a monopoly in my area… I wonder if they offer something similar? I’d rather have cable, but I hate the provider here (comcast). Maybe I need to look into Clearwire.

    Regardless, I’m glad to hear that someone is starting to offer this. Maybe others will follow in suit. Bundling seriously pisses me off.

  8. dfw_dino says:

    I am moving from my house to a new apt closer to work and i had to switch from Verizon FIOS to AT&T DSL. Here is my issues with them

  9. mjbivens says:

    AT&T U-verse – The Never-ending Story

    Recently, in the state of Texas, AT&T has raised the standards of misguided “what were we thinking” ideas by actively promoting a new service without developing the infrastructure to support it. U-verse, a bundled service package, advertises the following sales bullets:

    1) Enjoy the ease and convenience of paying for all your services on one bill.

    Reality: This will happen “eventually” according to AT&T’s billing dept. Currently, I am receiving two bills. One for my telephone & old DSL service, and another for my U-verse cable & new DSL service. I have, however, been assured that I will receive credit for the DSL double billing “within the next few months”.

    2) Unlike satellite TV, U-verse will not malfunction during inclement weather.

    Reality: It rained last night. My U-verse went down. Supposedly, there will be a repairman out this evening to fix it. Hey, it worked for almost a week!

    3) You can rely on our experienced 24/7 service.

    Reality: I’m not even sure where to begin with this one. Service was scheduled for installation on April 13th (shouda been a clue there, right?) Installer arrived around 9am. By ten there were two of them, by noon, three. All walking around, scratching their heads & talking on their cell phones. At 7pm, they admitted that they would be unable to complete the installation that day. When I asked them to re-connect my TV to my attic antenna, they announced that they had pulled that cable & suggested that if I wanted to watch TV, I should go buy myself some rabbit ears. And I should have, because it took another 14 days to complete the installation.
    I made sixteen phone calls to customer service during this time, the SHORTEST call lasting 20 minutes, and received several, almost lethal, doses of their vaulted customer service. First, the 24/7 refers to repair service only, and it’s an automated repair service, no less. Second, like the bills, there are two separate customer service departments, one for the telephone and a different one for U-verse. Same is true for their billing and scheduling departments. None of them have access to the records of the other, resulting in a long, extremely tedious process of explanation, hold, transfer and repeat. In addition, they have a glitch in their automated answering software that loops you back to the same department no matter which option you choose. And don’t ever complain. I did twice, and they cancelled my installation – twice. By accident, of course, and they were SOOOOOOOOOOO sorry for the inconvenience.

    Lastly, one piece of advice for Texas residents who are suffering though this nightmare:
    Do NOT call the recommended 800-ATT-2020 number. Instead, call 817-837-9000. This takes you directly to the U-verse installation department. Good Luck!

  10. FrankEosphorus says:

    Comment on AT I am in the process right now of cancelling my U-verse order. They have canceled my installation twice now. The first time, they didn’t call or email or notify us in any way. I had to call them an hour and a half after they were supposed to be at our home for them to tell me the reason for the cancellation: we had not disconnected our old DSL service. At no time did anyone ever tell about this requirement. That afternoon, I rescheduled our installation for this Thursday. While doing so, I specifically asked the operator when was the latest that we could shut off our DSL service. The answer was, “as long as it is before the technician comes out for your install.” I asked, “so the night before is ok?” “oh yeah. That won’t be a problem at all.” I just got a phone call from the install technician informing me that I have been canceled because “we show you still have your DSL service.” As it turns out, they require that you shut off your old DSL service for 7-10 business days prior to your installation.

    I’m done with them before ever getting started.

    John V. Simpson
    Data Analysis Project Manager
    Greenhill School
    4141 Spring Valley Road
    Addison, TX 75001
    P: 972/628-5660
    F: 972/628-6660

  11. ceez says:

    i am in miami florida and when i moved into my apt in feb 08 i asked if they had just dsl, which they did, they charge me 35 a month without all those pesky fcc charges. it’s for 1.5 only, 3.0 is not available in my area.