23 TiVo Hacks

We know you people love the TiVo, so here is a link to a list of 23 “hacks” you can do to your TiVo to make it more awesome than it already is. Yippie!

• Browse Flickr from your TiVo

• Get statistics from your TiVo based on what shows and movies you actually watch.

• Caller ID on your TV

• The 30-Second Skip


Hacking TiVo [Satellite Sweeper via digg]


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  1. wHATEver says:

    Just for clarity: virtually all of the items on that list pertain to “hacked” Series 1 & 2 TiVo units, and only a handful of them can currently work on the new Series 3 Hi-Def units.

  2. gregly says:

    Furthermore, most of the things stated can be done on a pristine stand-alone Series 2 TiVo these days with the latest software: specifically 5, 6, 10, 13, 14, 17, and 21 are all standard features on new software.

    Plus, some of the hacks are ridiculously out of date: the TiVo Control Station and elseed hacks date back to Series 1 units, and have either been superceded or simply do not work on newer models.