Free International Phone Calls By Calling Iowa

Get free international calls to select countries by calling (712) 858-8094 and then dialing 011 + Country Code + Phone Number.

Complete list of available countries here. plans on adding 10 more countries in the following weeks.

How does it work? Tech Crunch says:

“The founder created his own telephone company in Iowa. Iowa is apparently the only state taking advantage of an FCC kickback scheme that gives telco’s a portion of the fees generated from every inbound call to an Iowa number. So when you call the AllFreeCalls phone number, a portion of any long distance fees you are paying go to the company. The kickback is apparently authorized via the Universal Service Fund. These kickbacks are enough on average to more than cover the international outbound calling fees.”

Cozette, get by the phone. We can finally afford to place the call we should’ve ten years ago. — BEN POPKEN

AllFreeCalls [TechCrunch via MyMoneyBlog]

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