We Accidentally Post United Exec’s Cellphone Number

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Urbanski Janikowski, Robin [WHQPR]” [redacted]@united.com>
to: tips@consumerist.com
date: Jan 10, 2007 5:37 PM
subject: please call united airlines

Hello –

You have listed Graham Atkinson’s personal cell phone number on your web site. Can you please call me so I can have this corrected?


Robin Urbanski


We have removed Graham’s phone number. Sorry, we thought it was his office number. We got it from an industry contact list posted online. Doesn’t do any one much good to have hordes of customers leaving messages on his personal cellphone, although it did already help Mahesh (to some degree).

Can you imagine the scene in the Atkinson SUV?
“Goddamit, refund my tickets!”
“Who is it honey?”
“Nobody, honey. Just another irate customer trying to call the Executive Vice President and and Chief Customer Officer.”
“What is with these people? The ignominy!”


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