Rumor: T-Mobile “My Faves” Doesn’t Require A Special Handset

Tom the tipster writes in:

    Just a quick tip: T-Mobile is offering a set of plans that allows unlimited calling to five numbers (their “my-faves” plan). However, they advertise that you need to buy a new, compatible phone to receive this service. This is simply not true. Although the service reps claim otherwise, you can actually sign up for the service and simply use the new SIM card you receive in any phone. After confronting several service reps about this, I was told that this is in fact true, but that they are “not supposed to tell anyone.”

Oh, really? Not supposed to tell anyone, eh? Well, we’re telling people. Yep. Of course, it might not be true. That’s why it’s a rumor.

From T-Mobile’s Website:

    “Limited-time offer; subject to change. Available solely with myFaves-enabled handset. Each person on a myFaves for familes plan must have a myFaves-enabled handset. Two-year service agreement required.”

What’s the deal? Anyone got “My Faves” on a regular old phone? Is the only thing stopping us from getting “My Faves” the fact that we don’t have 5 people who like us? Tell us about it: —MEGHANN MARCO


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  1. Technically you do not need a special phone. Or differently, the phone doesn’t need to be able to do anything special for this to work.

    Having said this, there are two ID numbers being submitted to the switch anytime you sign in:

    1. The IMEI Number of the phone, which is a global identifier, meaning, this number belongs ONLY to your phone, and your phone only. It also identifies what kind of phone it is.
    2. The SIM card info.

    What T-Mobile COULD be doing is tying the SIM to a specific IEMI number and thus locking anybody out who does not have the right phone.

    Are they doing this? Probably not, but then they are a cell phone company and those have not really been “nice” in the last 20 years or so.

  2. kerry says:

    That’s weird. When they started the MyFaves program they made it pretty clear that, while certain new phones contain special software to take advantage of MyFaves, you didn’t need a special phone to use it. I guess they want to sell more of the new phones now. Jerks.

  3. RED13 says:

    As a current CSR for the big PINK T it is true myfavs will work on any handset. It is also true that new phones have special software to take advantage of myfavs so you can easily place calls and change contact info. As long as you can remember who you set as youre myfavs and dont call me cryin about overage because you thought Tom was in youre fav5 and he wasnt because you forgot you went to youre my t-mobile and changed Tom to Jim.