PayPal Says Deadspin Fund Is “Open”

We just got the following email from PayPal:

    Ben and Meghann-

    I thought I’d respond to your blog written today about the Adam Knox fund.

    While the vast majority of people that use PayPal to accept donations have good intentions, unfortunately, there are people out there who take advantage of certain situations. We have policies in place, like those relating to charities, to protect our users and ensure that their donations do indeed go to charities. For this reason, PayPal asks for proof of charity status. Like banks, PayPal is required to follow all state, federal and international laws around charitable giving.

    Also you should know that the account associated with the Adam Knox fund is open.

    Please let me know if you have any questions about this issue.


    Amanda Pires

    Director, Corporate Communications
    PayPal, an eBay Company

We took “open” to mean that the funds are available to Adam’s family. Thanks to everyone for writing, even Amanda, who took great care not to address her company’s reputation for poor customer service, and the fact that Deadspin did not ask PayPal to list them as a charity.—MEGHANN MARCO

PREVIOUSLY: Paypal Freezes Deadspin Fund For Slain Soldier


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  1. Viva Consumerist!
    Viva Deadspin!

    This is great news.

  2. Metschick says:

    Great news! Love to see the Consumerist win!

  3. Thanks to everyone at Consumerist who helped, it means a lot to the Deadspin family. Hopefully now the soldiers will be able to get the aid they need.

  4. Huzzah!

  5. 44 in a Row says:

    Thanks a lot, guys. Seriously.

  6. BigTDog says:

    High fives for all.

  7. RashaanEnis says:

    Ye Gods. Amazing. Can you guys get to work on that global warming thing now?

  8. Nicely done. So is the money being delivered to the family as we speak?

  9. Hextall454 says:

    Hooray Bear! Hooray Consumerist!

  10. Great, great news!

  11. Bullet! Bullet! Bullet! says:

    All I can say is “word up”.

  12. acambras says:

    Good thing PayPal didn’t try asking Consumerist to delete the original post!

  13. Tuffy says:

    Thanks again, you crazy kids.

  14. I had asked George Clooney to go solve that thing over there, and it looks like he came through.

  15. BigTDog says:

    The Consumerist has phenomenal swag.

  16. Bill S. Preston, Esq. says:

    grow fund, grow!

  17. Franklin Comes Alive! says:

    Run you f*cking Paypal, run!

  18. Denis Lemieux says:

    Wow, way to go guys! I guess the Internet can have other uses besides supplying pornography to the masses.

  19. 44 in a Row says:

    Consumerist for BCS champion!

  20. viva la revolution!

  21. I’m still confused about PayPal’s stance towards charities (both their “exclusive” relationship with the United Way and their capability to designate an account charitable without initial proof of 501c3 status, which PayPalUK actually seems to do for UK Charities), but I won’t look a gift Melissa Rivers in the mouth.

    Good job, Consumerist.

  22. goathair says:


  23. Smoking Pope says:

    “I won’t look a gift Melissa Rivers in the mouth”

    HA! (Works equally well with Tori Spelling too. Classic.)

  24. HugsFromHarold says:

    yeah take that you PayPal B*tches! now Gawker Media won’t have to go Joumana kid on the pay pal asses!

  25. Thanks, Consumerist; this means a lot.

  26. homerjay says:

    Bra-Vo once again, Ben and Meghann (why are there two n’s in that?)!

    You guys have become quite the powerhouse. Now if you can please direct the lovely Ms. Pires over to my complaint you posted a couple weeks ago and ask her to kindly give me my damn money back, I’d really appreciate it. :)

  27. Christ Sabo says:

    Thank you, Consumerist. I’m the brother of Adam, and it amazes me to see all the support from Deadspin and this site in regards to this previous quagmire. Paypal must of seen how big this could of gotten, and relented.

  28. Doc P says:

    Consumerist for Heisman!

  29. Faster says:

    Hats off to the Consumerist for acknowledging that Deadspin and the rest of us contributors kinda effed up too by not establishing charity status. What the heck do we know – we’re sports fans! In hindsight, we probably should have paypal mobile’d the donations directly to the family but that probably would have been chaos with the number of us that donated.

    Thanks for helping us Consumerist (and PayPal)!

  30. SexCpotatoes says:

    hmmn, should paypal be so glib and faux friendly over what they did, hey bennie boy, meggie poo, we did something we shouldn’t have and then fixed it a few weeks or months or days later. Go us, everybody lurve us a lot now and forget all bad shit we pull.